Christmas Snowman Cupcakes

•PEEPS® Snowmen
•Two small candy canes (6″ length)
•1-inch piece candy cane
•Royal icing (white)
•Icing piping bag and tip
•Assorted Christmas candy sprinkles
•Store-bought or homemade cupcake with white icing

Using your favorite royal icing recipe (or purchase pre-mixed royal icing at a cake supply store), mix up the royal icing. Place the icing in piping bags to use to build the skis for the snowman.
2. Using a piping bag, draw a line of white royal icing on one side of each of the six-inch candy canes.
3. Then attach the one inch piece of candy cane between the two six-inch candy canes. Allow icing to harden.
4. Once the icing has dried, take the Snowmen PEEPS® and using the royal icing, attach it to the one inch piece of candy cane. Use a small Dixie Cup to hold the snowman in place until the icing dries.
5. Then using the candy sprinkles, decorate the icing on the cupcake.
6. Carefully place the PEEPS® Skiing Santa onto the cupcake. Make sure to press it into the icing so that it will stay in place.



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