Every Kiss Begins With K.. my ass

So maybe I’m jilted.. or jaded… or just plain grumpy as hell but every year at this time (and again at Valentines Day) the TV starts running those damn stupid unrealistic jewelry commercials.. “Oh.. you made coffee for me.. I love you.. here is a $10,000 ring”… OH BULL SHIT!  These things just don’t happen for the general population!  I can’t stand to see the men, getting down on one knee with the little box containing the 5 Carrot ring (at least 5 c’s) in the perfect setting asking her to marry him… again.. BULL SHIT!!

Why don’t they show something real.. that happens in daily life.. “Honey.. I wanted to get you that ring set that your heart was set on but I’m just too damn broke.. so here’s the cheapest ring I could afford from Walmart..I put it in the box from Jared so you can tell your friends that’s where we got it from”… that I would believe!

Every kiss begins with K.. my ass!

$29.99 now w/ free S&H!

$29.99 now w/ free S&H!




9 thoughts on “Every Kiss Begins With K.. my ass

  1. Actually every kiss begins with a an awkward silence then ends with a lot of heavy petting then some steamy sex. The ring from K comes later after she trapped him into thing she is the only woman for him.

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