What the Polar Vortex Has Taught Me

So I’ve been on this Earth now for a little time now.. okay so more then just a little time but still..that’s nether her nor there.  Anyways.. I’ve been her on Earth for awhile and this is the very first time I’ve ever heard the phrase “Polar Vortex”.. honestly it sounds like some Syfy title for a new made for TV movie, what?? It would have to be better then Sharknado!  What it means if I have a clear understanding is there was this seriously cold air was trapped over the North Pole.. sitting there for days possibly weeks until there was finally a break in the clouds and it got to push out and down coming across the poor unsuspecting people who have had to suffer through this frozen hell!

Let me tell you all.. I’m from the South.  In fact I was born about as far south in the United States as you can get.  That would be Miami for those who don’t know and it just doesn’t get this kind of cold down there!  I lived in Fla for 23 years until I managed to escape it and moved to South East Texas (Houston) and the weather there is the same as the weather in Fla, hot and humid and sticky with the occasional cool front and rare cold days.  So when I married my husband and moved out there to Virginia I knew I would be facing cold weather.  What I didn’t know is almost 5 years after I moved here that I would feel the absolutely the coldest I have ever felt in my life and ever want to feel.  Yesterday we woke up too 4 degree’s with a wind chill feels like temperature of -9.  YES.. THAT IS NEGATIVE 9!!!! Yeah I know, it could have been worse, some places saw -50 or more.. I am so very Thankful that I didn’t get that much.  Since I’ve lived through this (it warmed up to 31 today) I figured I would blog about those things I never knew but now do…




1)  Human lungs are not meant to breath in air that cold!  I walked out my door yesterday morning, breathed in and started coughing!  My lungs felt like the closed up shop saying “Fuck that.. that air is too cold”..

2)  If you throw hot water up in the air in temperatures that low it will freeze in the air.  What doesn’t freeze will land on the ground and freeze almost immediately on the ground.

This is me and Jason at work playing instead of working.

3) Jeans are not warm enough!!!

4) Frostbite is very painful!  Okay so I didn’t get frostbite, but my fingers felt like they had it!!

5) I truly.. TRULY hate winter!




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