International Kiss a Ginger Day

I logged onto my Facebook this morning (in a grumpy mood mind you) and I came across this.. it’s National Kiss a Ginger Day.



Apparently this guy, Derick Forgie came up with this idea after some jackass decided it would be fun to create a “Kick a Ginger Day” back in 2008.  My guess is someone watched the South Park episode about gingers and thought it would be funny to do this.  It turned out that numerous kids were bullied, kicked and sought out just because they happened to have red hair.  I tell you one thing, being a red head if someone would have came up and kicked me.. I’d have torn them to pieces!


Technically the actual day is January 12, but I didn’t see this until today so your getting this late.


Now honestly this is a great thing because it is trying to promote just being nice and accepting to someone who may be different then you, but I have to put in a small warning here!  I would not recommend  you just walk up to some red head you don’t know and grab them and put a big wet kiss on them.  It may not end well for you if you do.  If you happen to know a ginger then by all means, go give them a smooch!  If you don’t know one, just smile at anyone you might see today and tell them “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” or “Have a great day”… just be nice.. to everyone!

And for those of you who still believe that ginger’s don’t have souls.. well this is for you..



(and just so you know.. I’m covered in freckles!!! MWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA)


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