Please Help Save a Life


My very best friend in the world has recently been diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  She is just such a wonderful person and she doesn’t deserve this.  She is already a two time survivor of Cancer and now she’s been hit again.  Why?  She’s amazing, and loving and she does so much for others.  She doesn’t smoke, she tries to healthy, she exercises and she honestly truly loves life.  She is a single mother of 3 wonderful kids and she is doing it all on her own.  For me she is the perfect example of what a true Christian should be.  Her faith is never wavering, her love of God shines through.  She doesn’t judge others and she doesn’t go around telling people that what they believe or do or how they live their lives is wrong because they don’t believe like she does.  Forgiving is a great word to describe her.


There have been a few people in my life who have been “constants”.  My mother was the first and foremost.  She lost her battle to Colon Cancer in 2000.  My friend Vince.  He lost his battle against Leukemia in 2010.  My friend/sister Nikki.   She’s managed to survive cancer twice already.  I told God the last time she was diagnosed that he was not allowed to take her.  I need her here more then he needs another angel in Heaven.  So I’m asking everyone to share this blog, and to donate to help her out.  She’s already on disability because the previous two cancers have left her with some medical problems and she can’t work a full time job.  Her disability doesn’t pay enough to a) provide for 4 people and b) pay for all the dr’s and and doctor visits.

If you have ever thought about donating to a charity or a family that was truly in need.. she is one.  Every dollar will help.  Your donation will help her feed her kids and fight this cancer so that she will live to raise her babies.

Please.. please help her out.


Thank you all and God Bless you.


6 thoughts on “Please Help Save a Life

    • Thank you so very much. I will tell her about the oil.. she is Divastar on my FB page if you’d like to know who she is. If I could ask one more thing of you.. please forward this on so more people will see it. Thank you again..

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