Where Is My Apartment In The Sky?



If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s you were promised a future like the Jetson’s.  I remember sitting in my 3rd grade English class, Mrs. Phillips was my teacher and she was telling us how when we were our parents age we would live in this wondrous world.  We would have flying cars, and robot maids and everything could be done by pushing a button.  Now I realize what do live in a time that you can push the buttons on your phone to order a pizza or whatever but that’s not the same thing.  We were supposed to be able to live in a high rise way up in the clouds, push a button and have a 7 course meal in front of us in 5 seconds!  Our cars were going to fold up to a briefcase alleviating need for parking spots.   WHERE ARE MY FLYING CARS?  WHERE IS MY ROBOT MAID?  WHERE IS MY 7 COURSE MEAL AT A TOUCH OF BUTTON?  I’m past the age my mom was then… They lied to us.. those assholes!


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