If its not one thing.. it’s another!

So I finally managed to get back into to see my pain management doctor after months of waiting.  I had a Nerve Conduction Study back in late October, November time period.  They told me then that I had notable nerve damage to my Ulna Nerve.  Now keep in mind that I also have a bulging disc in my neck on the left side, and frozen shoulder on the left side.. now they tell me I have nerve damage on the left elbow.. REALLY??? What the hell did I do to my left arm?  I’m right handed! It’s taken me months to be able to schedule a follow up to get the results of the study.  Between work and well work, it’s been hard to get in.  I finally get my appointment and it’s scheduled for Thursday Feb. 13, and guess what happened on Feb 13?  A freaking snow storm!  So of course I called them on Tuesday before and explained it to the girl and she scheduled me for Friday the 14, just in case I couldn’t get there Thursday.

My doctor comes in and goes over the results with me and tells me that I have moderate to severe nerve damage and that I now need to see a Neurologist.  Greattttttt… more missed work for more doctors and more tests!  He told me that they aren’t sure if what I have is from an injury or if it’s a degenerative disease.  Ya know… I already hated Valentines Day.. and this past one was no exception!

Will this stop me?  Nope.. I have no choice but to just keep going.  I’ll go see the new dr… I’ll go through more test.. and if finances will let me.. I’ll probably end up having surgery.   It’s just another thing… joy!



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