Lets Talk About Sex Baby….

I guess I’m in a mood tonight but hey.. what the hell, right?  So lets talk about sex.. and the different kinds of sex.  No, not the different positions.. the different kinds… Lets make a list of the top 5 kinds of sex…(at least my top 5)


5.  My number five would be.. the forbidden sex.  Think about it.. when you were younger and sex was brand new to you.. and you were young and sex wasn’t allowed… (Unless you waited til marriage.. if you did.. your a stronger person then I was)… it was the forbidden fruit.. and once you got the taste of it…. oh man was it even sweeter!  Of course as I grew up “forbidden” took on a whole new meaning…. we’ll leave it at that..


4. Public Sex-… now this is a huge turn on.  The thrill of being seen/heard.. the fear of being caught..I have had public sex a few times in my life and each time was just WOW!!!!  If you’ve never had public sex, you should try it at least once in your life.

public sex

3. Lazy day sex… ya know sometimes.. you just don’t want the gymnastics, or the props.. or the completely covered in sweat exertion.  Sometimes you want the big O with the least amount of physical labor.  I guess this is why they make vibrators.. just a few minutes.. bam.. it’s over and your relaxed.  Nap time!

2. Spontaneous sex… Women will defiantly know what I’m talking about here.  Sometimes you just want your partner to grab you.. kiss you.. strip you.. and devour you!  When your married and with kids, sex becomes something you have to schedule, and then pray your not too exhausted to do it… so when it’s out of the blue… it’s even more exciting!

1.  HOTEL SEX…Oh dear God how I love hotel sex!!!  It’s raw.. it’s pure energy.. it’s LOUD… there are no worries.. who cares if the people next to you can hear you.. you’ll never see them again.. if you even see them then.  And lets be honest.. when there is a Do Not Disturb Sign hanging on a door.. we all kinda automatically think that someone is having sex behind that door and we all kinda listen just a little to see if we hear them.. So I say.. let them hear me!



4 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Sex Baby….

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