The Top 7 Ways Women Lie on Facebook

I came across an article today on the top seven ways that women lie on Facebook.  I thought “Hey.. that’d be a pretty good blog story.. and since I haven’t blogged in awhile I’ll use it”.. go me!


I will post the link to the article if you’d like to read it yourself.  I’m going to copy and paste the questions then answer if I do any of them. 

1.  Photoshopping photos before uploading them.

I honestly do not do this.  I dont’ know how to photoshop.  BUT.. I will do the fat chick trick to make my face look slimmer.. and I won’t post pics of me if I look old, ragged, worn out, fat.. ect!

2.  Exaggerating their career success.

Nope.. don’t do this either.. in fact I do quite the opposite.. I bitch about being broke ass poor!

3.  Only posting about exciting nights so it looks like their social life is nonstop fun . . . and conveniently neglecting to post about the nights they’re home on the couch.

HAHAHAHA.. exciting nights??? What the hell is that? 

4.  Only posting photos of their place when it’s clean.

Well.. I do try to not post if it’s a complete and total disaster, but my husband doesn’t let the place get that way so this really isn’t an issue.  It’s nice being married to someone who is a cleaner. 

5.  Only posting about the adorable things their kid does.

I try not to discuss my kids too much.. I’ll brag about something they did if it’s really great, like my son making the perfect score list on his History SOL’s.. that was pretty great.. and my daughter is testing for her Black Belt on March 22… that’s cool too.  On occasion I’ll have up there that they are now for sale on EBAY.. cheap if anyone wants them.. I am brutally honest… I love my kids to death, but they tick me off sometimes.  I really know of no parent who can HONESTLY say that their child(ren) have never made them mad, disappointed them in some way or just wanted to run away from them for at least a couple of hours.  Doesn’t mean they don’t love them, wouldn’t do anything in the world for them.. just means they are human and sometimes it gets to be overwhelming.

6.  Using old photos from when they looked better.

I do not do this.. why?  Because in older photo’s I’m about a hundred pounds heavier.. so that doesn’t make me look better.

7.  Untagging themselves in photos where they don’t look perfect.

I will untag myself if I look like a Sea Hag.. but I don’t expect to look perfect in any photo because I’m not perfect.

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4 thoughts on “The Top 7 Ways Women Lie on Facebook

      • Apparently I have slowed down enough that Old Age has gripped my joints, then again, blessed to know that all my nerves and pain receptors are fully functional. Gout&Arthritis double teaming. Gifts that keep on giving.)))))) Like junk mail, wished or not. )))) Always there.
        Wishing you a wonderful day. )))))))))

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