Date Night

My husband and I try to always make time for each other and aim to have a date night at least a couple of times a month.  Sometimes our schedules get in the way the most we can do is meet at our favorite place, have a couple of drinks after work before we head home to make the dinners, feed the kids, do the homework, the housework, the laundry.. and everything else.  It’s good for couples to continue to date each other, for when they stop that’s when the romance dies, and the problems start.  Or if you already have problems, it just makes it worse.

Well lately I’ve been wanting to spice up or dates.  We don’t have a lot of money so we really can’t go to a lot of new and exciting places, and with having kids we can’t go rent a hotel room for the night somewhere and just do whatever.  So I got to thinking, what can I do that will really make his head spin, then I remembered how he reacted to the costume wig I wore on Halloween.  He kept saying.. “I feel like I”m cheating on my wife” every time he looked at me, and he couldn’t keep his eye’s off of me the whole time.  So I got to thinking.. why not let him “cheat” on me, with me?  So I bought an outfit that was out of my comfort zone, well for the most part.  I did wear jeans but only because it was cold and I don’t wanna freeze all night.  Normally I’m a jeans and T-Shirt kinda gal so I decided to go kinda biker rocker chick.

So here is my before picture…



This is me.. mild mannered (okay if you know me you can stop laughing now).. coffee guzzling mom of 2.  I love my tank’s and I love my jeans and I love my flip flops/sandals…  Now after a little dolling up, some darker make up and some new hair.. here’s the woman my husband got to cheat on me with.




Now I’m by no means someone who should give marital advice, I mean I’m a 3 time bride… but I will say my husband loved this!  He was so proud to show me off all night… he kept giving me that look and telling me how hot I looked.  He couldn’t keep his eye’s off of me, or his hands.  He loved the looks I was getting from the other guys in the bar.  It was so worth the itchy hot wig on my head!

I highly suggest anyone in a long term relationship try this!  It’s so much fun to be someone else for a little while.


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