My Crush of the Month for May 2014

Hi all.. yeah yeah I know.. I’m still MIA… I’m sorry.. I really am working on some stuff in my head so I can get back to writing.. I promise.  Until then.. here is my crush of the month pick for May.  I chose this person in honor of my sister who is battling cancer for the 3rd time!  She is accepting donations to help her pay for all the radiation treatments and chemo treatments and to just be able to feed her 3 babies!  Here is the link to her page, please please help her out.. share her story.. her link.


So for you Nikki….




Lynda Carter is one of those timeless beauties who age so well you almost kinda hate them for it! 🙂  I remember watching her show as a child and just being stunned by her beauty.


Just amazing!