My Crush of the Month for June 2014

I’m so excited for this months crush.. .why you ask?  Because it’s a NEW crush.  It’s not someone who has been around for years and years… and it’s not someone that makes me feel like cougar for crushing on him.  I discovered his hotness when my husband got me interested in the TV Series Grimm, which is amazing in case you haven’t started watching it.. you should! This man speaks different languages in real life and on the show.. his body is AMAZING… he’s tall.. oh I could keep going on but I’ll stop now.. I’m at work!!


So here ya go.. enjoy


Sasha Rioz is a rising star… According to IMDb he’s been acting since 2001.. and I really hope he has a very long and successful career.  And of course.. is in ANYTHING that takes his shirt off and has him speak Russian/French whatever!