My Crush of the month for August.. (oops I forgot to do it)

If you’ve followed my blog (yeah yeah I know I really haven’t written much this year but you’ll understand why soon) then you know I have thing for blondes.  I love blondes… they are just so… freaking hot.  So for the month of August.. again I know I missed it and it’s September now… I’ve decided to chose a hot blonde for the hot month.


My crush of the month for August is/was


Cameron Diaz.









My crush on her started when she was in the movie “The Mask”.. there was something so sultry and sexy about her… yet carefree and silly.  Traits she has kept throughout her career.


Her movies have never been super big block busters but I still absolutely adore her and everything she’s been in… So enjoy the photo’s and just know.. blondes will always have a spot in my heart… 

Cameron_Diaz_3 Cameron-Diaz4



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