Sometimes You Have To Ask For Help

So over the last 4 years I have gone through more then I ever thought I would or could.  I chose to have a surgery that ended up leading to 3 additional surgeries (I had no idea those would be coming).  I have been fighting to be healthy, working out constantly, eating right for the most part (I do enjoy dark chocolate) and I’ve even worked on dealing with my rape.  I thought I could do it all on my own.  I mean I have my husband and kids but this was something I had to do inside of me, they could only cheer me on and help take care of me after each surgery.

In the beginning of January I informed my employer that I would have to take off 6-8 weeks for medical leave.   I had to have yet another surgery to try to repair the damage done in the first one.  Little did I know that he would opt to not pay me during my medical leave.  I mean I knew he wouldn’t pay me full pay but I had hoped for at least 1/2 pay..something.  I mean after almost 4 yrs of loyal and damn good service you would think your boss would want to take care of you.  Well I was wrong.

A few days after I realized that my boss would not be paying me for the entire medical leave my surgeon informed me that the best option for me is to not to return to work.  There are too many complications that have to be taken care of and working 6 days a week is not giving me the time to do all of the specialist I will need to go to plus the physical therapies I will be enduring.  So I have filed for disability and sent my letter of resignation to my boss (who by the way hasn’t even bothered to let me know he’s received it or even checked on me.. yeah.. nice guy there)!

Its not likely that the disability will go through on the first try, everyone knows it can take up to years to be approved.  I’m lucky because my husband does work, but his ex wife gets 50% of his pay.  His wages are garnished so she gets paid before he does, so now my family of 4 is living in a very high cost of living state (Virginia) on very little money.  My doctor has mentioned sending me to John Hopkins for additional tests and help and that’s over 2 hours away.  With little coming in and a lot going out, my anxieties are soaring.  So my wonderful loving sister set up a GoFundMe account to try to help raise some money to help me and my family out.  So I figured why not ask for some help.  I’m adding in the link and asking for everyone to share it.  Share it on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else social site you may be on.  Any little bit will help keep my family fed and gas in my car so I can make the appointments.  Thank you all and God Bless.. Well wishes and healing lights to all.



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