Weekend Paintings

I’ve been a very busy painter this weekend.. 🙂  Here are my latest..

Renee's Spooky Nightmare Before Xmas Swing 03.08.15

This one was requested for a birthday gift, so it’s sold.  🙂

Pink Flower 03.08.15

This one was actually something else that I hated!  I didn’t want to lose the canvas so I scrubbed it clean and started over.  I’m impressed with it.  🙂  It’s for sale.. BTW.. they are all for sale.

il flower

This one is an oil painting.. man I hate painting with oil paints.  I love the colors and depth.. but they are a pain in the but to clean up!!

03.07.14 Purple love

This one is titled Purple Storm..  I mixed the colors myself on it.  Yeah.. I’m impressed with myself.



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