You only miss them when they’re gone…

A few years back I started having these pains in my left shoulder.  They just continued to get worse and worse and after almost 2 years I was finally diagnosed with frozen shoulder.  It’s a horrible thing to live through and I don’t wish it on anyone.  Since the start of this journey I have lost more then 50% of the mobility of my arm.  Here is a link to see what it is  Now this link will tell you that it usually only lasts 1-3 years, but that’s not true in my case.  Of course since I’ve been diagnosed it’s also been figured out that I have a bulging disc in my neck and I have Ulnar nerve damage.

Anyways this posts really isn’t about the actual “Frozen Shoulder”, but more a list of things I miss the most about not having 2 fully functioning arms.  Everyone loves lists, right?

So in no definitive order… here it is..

5)  Being able to do my hair!  Do you know how hard it is to curl or straighten your hair when you can’t get one of you’re hands up to the top of your head!  I seriously have to tilt my head over to the side to try to reach my hair!  It’s quite the site actually.

4) Being able to pick anything up with it.  Seriously, there have been times I can’t even pick up simple things, like a stapler!  I have lost pretty much all muscle in this arm.  I feel like an old lady.


yeah, this is how my arm feels with any weight in my hand.

3) Being able to scratch my back!  Yeah, it’s not happening.  Now I have the claw…


2) Kinky sex.  Yeah I went there.  You can’t get freaky if you can’t not only use your arm but it’s severe pain if you move it in the wrong direction.  No 50 shades of grey for me.. 😦

1)  Putting my bra on the right way.  Just slide it on, reach behind and hook it.  And to take it off you just reach back and unhook and slide it off.. but I can’t do that!  No… alas.. I have to do the hook and twist.  It’s a pain in the ass.


Oh how I wish I could still this!


Before anyone suggests it.. I do have front clasps bra’s.. but they are all T Backs.. sometimes you need a bra that doesn’t have a sporty T Back.. ya know what I mean?  LOL


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