A Split Second…

It only takes a split second… that’s it.  Everything can change in just the same amount of time that it takes for you to blink your eyes.  Think about it.  Think about the times in your life when something happened or something that was said changed your path forever. Your first love telling you “I’ve met someone else” or “Maybe we should see other people”.  It only took a second to say the words but it changed you.  It changed your heart an your mind.  Later on in life you may have heard “Will you marry me” and you said “yes”, and all in the matter of seconds.

Maybe it was something wonderful like “You’re expecting”… or “its a girl/boy”.  or how about even “it’s twins”.  I myself have been blessed twice hearing “You’re pregnant” and once hearing “It’s a boy” then “it’s a girl”.  Sometimes in a split second life can change in ways you never really expected, and was better then you ever dreamed.  Those are the moments that we all hold onto to get us through those other moments that change things for the worse.

Maybe, sadly someone in your life or even maybe yourself heard a word that forever changed you.  Cancer.  I’ve heard that word in my life to many times.  I’ve lost 3 people I loved dearly to cancer, one just last week and I currently have one person fighting since 2008 to beat it.

Maybe the phone rang one day..and the voice on the other end was letting you know there had been an accident or someone you loved couldn’t handle life anymore and didn’t reach out for help.  That split second they made a choice that impacted your life forever.

We’ve all had split seconds in our lives that changed it and us forever.  We’ve all had split seconds in our lives where we have made decisions in split seconds that changed everyone else around us.  It only does take a split second….

I guess we all just have to remember that when things get really bad that it could all change in that split second… and when things are going good to cherish it, because that to can change in that same exact split second.


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