I’m in the mood…

It’s 9 am and I’m the only one up.  Gotta love spring break, and a hubby working nights so he sleeps during the days.  There’s so much in my head I want to write about, it’s like someone flipped the switch in my head that had been turned off for so long.  I want to write about sex, about travel, about the weather warming up (finally).. about anything but the hell I have been going through for months.

I am still working on turning my Lacy’s Journal into a full book I just haven’t been too motivated to write lately.  Hopefully that is changing.  I’m also thinking of starting a new short story, it would be “Craig’s Journal”.  My idea is to write 3 books about the same story but from the 3 main characters points of view.  What do you all think?

Anyways… be on the lookout for new stuff.  I’m trying to get back into writing more and I hope that you will all enjoy what I have in the works.


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