I’m a mother to an adult child now…

When in the hell did this happen??? And who told my son he was allowed to grow up and become an adult?  When you first give birth to your child you imagine what they are going to grow up to be like, you pray they have great lives and that they are happy and healthy.  The thought of them being adults seem just so far off that you can’t really believe that they will one day be an adult.  This past weekend my tiny little bundle of energy turned 18, and he’s not so tiny anymore.  He will be graduating High School in a month and I’m filled with so many emotions.  Where as I’m grateful that he survived to become an adult, I’m saddened at the thought that his childhood years are over.  I’m filled with so many worries and concerns for his future.  Did I arm him with enough education and common sense that he will be able to make his way and make right choices in life?  Will he be successful at his dreams?  As you know ( if you follow my blog) my son is Autistic (actually Aspergers but they don’t call it that anymore) so I worry if he will be able to fully support himself and have a life that I have hoped for for him.   A wife, children, a career.

I really never imagined how hard this would be. I look at him and I can still see that adorable little face that everyone loved so much.. He had girlfriends everywhere he went.


jon 1In the first picture he is about 6 months old, the second one he is a year old.  When did he go from that to this?

jon3I am so lucky to have him as my son, and I hope he knows just how much I love him and hope that he knows I did my very best for him.


4 thoughts on “I’m a mother to an adult child now…

  1. You did the best you could do, from here on out it’s up to him to take what you taught him and apply it, ask for advice when he doesn’t know, and help when he needs it.

  2. I’m 40 this year, and I STILL go to my parents for advice and comfort. You are a loving mother, he will always come to you for love and advice (even if he doesn’t know thats what he is doing). XX

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