If You Need a Little Faith In Humanity This Morning

Good morning world.  When I got up this morning I went on my Facebook page expecting to see more horrible news stories and people being mean.  After all this is pretty much what we all see on Facebook and social media daily.  It’s usually nothing but news stories that are trying to achieve higher ratings, and nothing does that better than stories of murder and child molestation (yes that’s a Duggar jab) and cop hating and so on.  So when I came across this story I immediately clicked the link and when I read the story and watched the video my heart soared!  To imagine that someone so young has worked so hard and has been so dedicated to helping our world was so uplifting I had to blog about it.  https://www.minds.com/blog/view/450715060952633344/the-world039s-first-ocean-cleaning-system-will-be-deployed-in-2016

If you are in a place financially that you could donate to help this young man and his team out, this would be an excellent cause to donate to.  If we don’t do something to start cleaning up the mess that man has made of this Earth, we will kill the very thing that sustains us.


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