Adult Coloring Books

So… here’s my question.  What genius was sitting around one day, probably at some desk job they hated doodling on their desk calendar thinking back to the days of opening up a box of new Crayola Crayons (the big pack with the sharpener in the back of course) and coloring all day and thought “Ya know, adults like to color too.  What if I made a coloring books for adults with lots of little lines in it so that kids won’t like it but adults will go nuts for it?”.  It’ll sell like hot cakes and I’ll be a millionaire who can spend all my time coloring!   I want to meet this person and first thank them for the hours of therapy coloring I’ve had and ask them how they thought up something so simple that’s made them super rich now… I need idea’s..  I’m tired of being poor.


BTW.. there are a few of those coloring books I truly want..




2 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Books

  1. I know!! I wish I had thought of it too!!
    Although I do remember going into a pub (bar) with a kids colouring book and crayons and just sitting there colouring, when people started coming over to join in!!!

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