My Etsy Shop and Artwork

I have a shop on Etsy now, please feel free to check it out.  There’s not a lot on it as I’m just starting out so remember to keep checking back to see new things..


Lovers sunset 04.09.15 Mardi Grais 04.02.15 lonely rain blue jay of April 04.02.15


Some more completed Art work.. that are for sale BTW

I’ve been working on a few projects lately.  A friend wanted me to paint her an angel… and omg.. AACCKKK.. I can’t paint people… so I’ve spent over a week drawing and painting and practicing angels.  1908219_10152596958420870_4790740801240071620_n 10404189_10152599519690870_6618460671384954130_n3.19.15 10930168_10152597036090870_2039118690210753349_n angel 03.11.15


These are just a few of my attempts… but the time came to put it on canvas.  This is how it ended up looking when I finished it today.


Going home 03.20.15I’ve titled this one, going home.  I worked really hard on this one.. and I hope she truly loves it and isn’t just being nice because she’s my friend…

Yesterday a lady I considered a second mother growing up lost her battle to cancer.  I painted this one this morning for her.. it’s titled Saying Goodbye..

saying goodbye tree 03.20.15  Linda Shelton


The only other two I don’t think I’ve posted here are..

-acrylic-painting-acrylic-sunset-priyanka-rastogi unnamed (1)


Weekend Paintings

I’ve been a very busy painter this weekend.. 🙂  Here are my latest..

Renee's Spooky Nightmare Before Xmas Swing 03.08.15

This one was requested for a birthday gift, so it’s sold.  🙂

Pink Flower 03.08.15

This one was actually something else that I hated!  I didn’t want to lose the canvas so I scrubbed it clean and started over.  I’m impressed with it.  🙂  It’s for sale.. BTW.. they are all for sale.

il flower

This one is an oil painting.. man I hate painting with oil paints.  I love the colors and depth.. but they are a pain in the but to clean up!!

03.07.14 Purple love

This one is titled Purple Storm..  I mixed the colors myself on it.  Yeah.. I’m impressed with myself.


GASP… How dare I show a woman’s nipple/breast on Facebook!

So a couple of days ago I posted a story about a beautiful art project that was done by Jade Beall Titled “A Beautiful Body”.  It’s pictures of women who have had children and show’s their bodies in all their natural glory!  These pictures are beautiful and untouched and I posted the article because I completely stand behind what this artist is trying to do, and guess what Facebook did because I posted this?  THE BLOCKED FROM FACEBOOK FOR 24 HOURS BECAUSE OF THE NUDITY.  The pictures show women’s breast.. GASP.. how dare you display a woman’s breast or nipple in a public forum!

As someone who suffers greatly from Body Dysmorphic Disorder ( I am constantly comparing my body to every other woman I see and frankly, the images that the media puts out there makes this a set up for constant failure and hatred of myself even more.  This woman is out to “heal” the damage that has been done. Here are a few of the pictures that Jade displayed in this project.









I think these images are pure beauty.  They show the world what most women look like.  They showed me that my tummy looks a lot like the women in this picture.  I loved this so much that I couldn’t wait to share it.  I didn’t realize that Mark Zuckerberg and his entire company are still in the dark ages where it’s completely immoral and poor taste to see a woman’s body.  Well, not body but nipples.  I mean seriously????  How many men post pictures of themselves shirtless in the summer time at the beach or pool side and frankly they have larger cup size boobs then I do!!!  Why is it fair that we are forced to see some fat ugly out shape hairy guy with size D moobs with nips and all but we can’t see a woman’s?  Is it because a woman can breast feed and because milk may come out of them it’s just to taboo?  Is it because they are considered sexual?  Or is it because these women don’t have perfect bodies with flat stomachs and no stretch marks and their boobs aren’t perky and saline filled?  I think that this is just ridiculous that in 2015 we are still having this battle.


If you’d like to check out the entire art project click the link below.

The Birds

I haven’t been very “creative” this weekend.  I don’t feel well and frankly I’m exhausted.  The manic episode of the last week has finally caught up to me and… well it feels like Spring Allergies are starting even though it’s freaking snow/sleeting outside and nothing is blooming.  Anyways, I managed to finish a painting I started a couple of days ago.

Birds 03.01.15


This one was a special request for a friend.  She loved it, thank God. 🙂