St. Thomas

st thomasSome days I think I could sell my soul just to be there… toe’s in the water.. butt in the sand.. sun on my face.. worries and fears a million miles away..



Day 5

Panic Attack

Panic Attack (Photo credit: MadMup)

So I know I”m suppose to find things to be thankful for.. well today was just horrible.. horrible.  After the craptacular day I ended up having a full blown panic attack at my therapist appt and she said some things that kinda made the anxiety even worse…. so today’s thankful will also be bad… yup.. I’m going there…


Today I am thankful that I do not live closer to she who shall not be named because I would probably end up in jail.


Yup.. I went there….


Don’t judge..

Now I’m gonna go self medicate and sleep…

My Island Paradise

I won’t lie to you, my life has been pretty sucktacular for quite a while now.  I’ve had more trials and tribulations thrown at me over the last 3 years then anyone should have to go through.   Now don’t get me wrong, there have been good times in between, but those times never last long enough.  So tonight I’m posting some pictures of where I daydream about escaping reality too.

I don’t know where it is.. but I wanna be in that water swimming..

Why do I just daydream about them?  Well a) I’m broke ass poor so I can’t afford to go there and b) my husband isn’t a beach person.  1 day in these tropical paradises and he’ll be ready to go home, so why bother going?

Yeah.. I could stay here for a couple of weeks.. or forever..

To me, the ocean is something that cleanses my soul.  I was born and raised in Florida, so yeah, I’m a water baby.

St. Lucia

Oh could you imagine sitting on your deck and having this view everyday?  I’d never be miserable again!