Ceelo Green.. the worlds biggest POS!

I am currently blogging about my road to recovery after a brutal rape years ago.  So this is a very touchy subject for me.  Then today I see this article in the news and I just lost it!



Entertainer Ceelo Green pleaded no contest to drugging a woman and having sex with her while she was passed out.  That in itself is bad enough, but what followers is even more disturbing.  This despicable human being tweeted things like..


“if someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent,”


“People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”


What kind of person believes that if your not conscious and can’t say yes or no that it’s perfectly okay to have sex with them.  That if they are drugged and don’t remember there was no crime committed?  I will tell you what kind, one who has access to millions of young women, one who can flaunt his fame and fortune to those starry eye’d girls and do whatever he wants to them!  What if this was your daughter he did it to?  Your sister?  Your niece?  Would you still buy his music?  Would you continue to watch The Voice and support anything he did that made him even more famous and even richer?  No you wouldn’t.  I don’t believe this piece of shit deserves anything else.  I ask that everyone boycott him, his show’s and anything to do with him!  If Hollywood see’s that he is costing them money rather then making it, guess what?  He will be black listed with a quickness.  



Happy Birthday Jim Henson



James Maury “Jim” Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990

Today would have been Jim Hensons 77’th bday.  I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and I remember watching the The Muppet Show every Friday night.  Fozzy Bear was my favorite out of all of them, followed closely by ANIMAL… ya gotta scream his name when you say it!  This man has brought so many so much pleasure, so for this I say thank you for all the laughs!


Alyssa Milano Sex Tape.. Best I’ve ever seen!!!

Okay.. so I’ve a lil crush on Alyssa Milano since the Charmed Days.. (did you see the outfits that girl wore on that show??? Lord have mercy)… I think she’s great as an actress but I gotta say.. this sex tape leak of hers.. PRICELESS.. this is the best celebrity sex tape I’ve ever seen.. (okay so I really haven’t seen very many.. and frankly Pam and Tommy made me wanna puke with all the I love you’s.. they kinda ruined me on celebrity sex tapes)..  but here.. you watch.. tell me what you think..




Was I right??? Was it the best you’ve ever seen???? I knew it!  🙂  Gotta love her sense of humor!


My crush of the month- September

Well it’s that time again… time for my crush of the month posts…  For this month I’m going to chose the luscious, the classy, the beautiful…. Diane Lane!!!

diane 1


I think I developed my crush on her when Unfaithful came out.. did you see that movie???? Totally hot.  That first sex scene between her and the sexy younger Frenchman Paul.. her body shaking with pure, raw desire.. Yup.. pretty sure that’s when it happened.

so freakin hot

so freakin hot



She followed that up with Under the Tuscan Sun and I just fell in love…  She is quirky and funny and so super sexy… I hadn’t realized it but I had seen her in so many other movies before then.. she was even in the Outsiders… yeah.. she was..

diane 2

So for this month.. when the weather starts to turn cooler.. I’m going to let Diane heat you up.. enjoy!


Elvis has left the building..



Born Elvis Aaron Presley on January 8, 1935 35 minutes after his twin brother Jesse Garon Presley was still born.  Elvis moved to Tupelo, Mississippi with his family where he placed 5th in his first public singing contest.  Little did they know then how HUGE this man would become later in life.  Anyone born on or before say 1972 truly loved this musical icon.  I know growing up we listened to his music all the time, I even still have an old Vinyl of his Christmas songs that I still play every Christmas.  When he died, the world cried.  We all felt like we had lost a family member, and in a way I guess we did.  No one has come close (in my personal opinion) to being the entertainer that he was, and most likely never will.  He was from a time era that you had to actually have talent to be famous… not just a catchy tune with a family member in the business to open the door for you.

It’s funny, the other day my 10 yr old daughter came up to me and said “Mom.. I was looking at the pictures of you when you were a kid and ummmm.. your dad looked like Elvis”… yes… I’m raising her right.  Here it is 37 years AFTER his death and my 10 year old not only knows who he is but what he looks like!  How awesome am I?

Some say that he isn’t really dead, that if he was his tombstone would have the correct spelling on it.  They say that he couldn’t take the pressure’s of being famous anymore and decided to fake his own death.  I will say for awhile I believed it that he wasn’t dead, I mean I saw him in Winn Dixie in the late 80’s… (I know it was him dammit and back then we didn’t’ have cell phones to snap a pic)… but now that I’m older I have to think that with the technology we have if he was still alive he would be found and brought up on charges for  faking his own death… so sadly I will accept the fact that he is dead.. unless of course he really did go back to his home planet!



I thought “In the Ghetto” would be perfect for my post..if you follow me.. you know why!







Happy Birthday Steve Martin


On this day in 1945 America was blessed with one of the all time great comedians/actor/musicians, Mr. Steve Martin.  I will say I am old enough to remember the “Wild & Crazy Guy” days (even though I was young!!!)  I remember laughing and singing the King Tut song… giggling at him on Saturday Night Live… yup.. I am a fan…


Happy Birthday Steve.. here’s to many many more!

My August Crush of the Month is…

So it’s that time of month again.. for my crush of the month… I’ve been debating on who to chose for this month.. I mean after all it’s my birth month so it has to be someone special…so I chose someone who was born in the same month.. Now this particular actor is sadly no longer with us but if you were a child of the 80’s… you’ll remember how every young girl drooled over this hottie… it’s none other then..




Yes.. Patrick Swayze… we fell in love with him as Darrel in the Outsiders



We felt his heartache in Red Dawn



We ALL wanted him to “Dance” with us like he did baby…. “No body puts baby in the corner”….



Oh Patrick… to have you be nice to any of us 80’s teen girls… that’s all we wanted…


Sadly we lost this talented actor/dancer/singer way to early to that nasty nasty disease Cancer… He died Sept 14, 2009, wow almost 4 years ago already, at only 57 years old.  Cancer really sucks!


So there you have it.. my crush of the month.. You’ll always be Johnny Castle to me… and now that you are a ghost… maybe you could come see me??? What? Too soon??? 🙂