Where are you Christmas?

Growing up my mother did everything she could to make our Christmas’s the best ever.  As a single mother of 4 kids it was hard work to make sure there were plenty of gifts under the tree and amazing meals to look forward to with family and friends.  As we all grew older she still managed to pull us all together to celebrate with laughter in our conversations and love in our hearts.  I grew up and moved away and had children of my own, and even though I was 1000 miles away she still made me feel like I was there.  After she was gone and my family kind of just disappeared I did my best to make sure my kids had the best Christmas’s possible.  Through a horrible 2 yr divorce, a new marriage and step dad, a move 1500 miles away from everything I still tried to give them great Christmas memories.

This year however, I’m having a hard time mustering up the energy to even bother.  I just want to shrink away.  Medical issue’s have made this the hardest year physically ever.  I’m mentally worn out and physically exhausted and I just don’t have any Christmas spirit.  I don’t even want to put out the decorations and lord knows I have no desire to stand in the kitchen all day cooking and baking.  I’m just going through the motions waiting patiently for January to hurry up and get here.

I realize that I suffer from BiPolar disorder and Anxiety Disorder and these things are making it worse for me.  I try to fight the voices in my head telling me how nothing is going to make this holiday season worth celebrating.. but I’m losing this battle.    I’m not writing this blog for pity or “cheer up” messages… I’m writing this so that people who have their lives together, people who don’t suffer from depression and are full of the Christmas and Holiday spirit can hopefully understand that not everyone feels that way.  For some this is the hardest time of the year.  My mothers birthday is November 22 which always makes Thanksgiving hard for me and a dear friends birthday was December 5 and with him gone.. well it just adds to the rest of the things that are going wrong.

So if you see someone who appears to be anxious, or depressed.. maybe they just look lonely please don’t pity them.  Don’t give them some obnoxious “It’ll be okay” speech and whatever you do please don’t tell them “Just chose to be happy”…Just be understanding, patient and caring.  Not everyone looks forward to the “cheer” this time of year.. some of us just want to disappear until it’s all over.


Laugh this Christmas


The Turkey is in the Roaster.. the ham is in the oven.. the sides have been started.. only thing missing is my husband.  So when he gets here from work we will all open gifts and laugh and eat.. From our house to yours.. MERRY CHRISTMAS.. may your day be peaceful and warm filled with laughter and love.

Christmas Snowman Cupcakes

•PEEPS® Snowmen
•Two small candy canes (6″ length)
•1-inch piece candy cane
•Royal icing (white)
•Icing piping bag and tip
•Assorted Christmas candy sprinkles
•Store-bought or homemade cupcake with white icing

Using your favorite royal icing recipe (or purchase pre-mixed royal icing at a cake supply store), mix up the royal icing. Place the icing in piping bags to use to build the skis for the snowman.
2. Using a piping bag, draw a line of white royal icing on one side of each of the six-inch candy canes.
3. Then attach the one inch piece of candy cane between the two six-inch candy canes. Allow icing to harden.
4. Once the icing has dried, take the Snowmen PEEPS® and using the royal icing, attach it to the one inch piece of candy cane. Use a small Dixie Cup to hold the snowman in place until the icing dries.
5. Then using the candy sprinkles, decorate the icing on the cupcake.
6. Carefully place the PEEPS® Skiing Santa onto the cupcake. Make sure to press it into the icing so that it will stay in place.


Candy Cane Sleighs

Got a Holiday Party coming up and wanna make something cute to give out.. try these!



Candy Cane Sleigh
Here is an easy craft to make for teachers, co-workers or friends.

Candy Canes (2 for each sleigh)
Any flat candy bar, Hershey’s chocolate bar works best (1 for each sleigh)
Various miniature candy, individually wrapped is preferable. This is a great way to use up the clearance halloween candy.
Hot glue gun, with glue
Assorted scraps of wrapping paper, tissue papers/cellophane and ribbons

The first thing you need to do is to make the sleigh: Plug in your glue gun in a safe area; clean kitchen counter works well (high up from kids). Wrap your Hershey’s chocolate bar with paper. To assemble sleigh, you want to make a line of glue on the bottom of the wrapped bar, on the long side but still underneath. Before the glue cools, press candy cane onto it, being sure the hook is over the candy bar (see photo). Do the same with the other side. Now you may unplug hot glue gun.
Wrap the miniature candy one at a time, or in bundles. You can see in the photo I also took a square of cellophane and placed some kissables in and pulled up the sides, and tied with a ribbon. This works well with loose candy (gumdrops, M&M’s). The Christmas candy is usually already wrapped festively so you don’t need to wrap them if you don’t want to (great for kids too).
Once wrapped, “presents” can be taped on (tape loop) in any way you wish. Use your imagination! You could add a “rope” to pull the sleigh. My husband suggested a miniature chocolate foil Santa in the front. These make great gifts, and fun to make at family gatherings! Kids make them while the parents snack on the extra candy;-)



Snowmen Appetizers



I found this on Facebook today and thought it was super cute.  It didn’t have directions but it looks to me like two mini candy canes are attached to a piece of Hershey’s Chocolate with Frosting.  Then the Marshmallows are attached to the chocolate the same way.  There is a pretzel stick through the center holding them together.  Then Pretzels for arms.  The buttons and nose look to be just colored frosting dotted on.  These would make great little appetizers for kids especially.