My Crush of the month for August.. (oops I forgot to do it)

If you’ve followed my blog (yeah yeah I know I really haven’t written much this year but you’ll understand why soon) then you know I have thing for blondes.  I love blondes… they are just so… freaking hot.  So for the month of August.. again I know I missed it and it’s September now… I’ve decided to chose a hot blonde for the hot month.


My crush of the month for August is/was


Cameron Diaz.









My crush on her started when she was in the movie “The Mask”.. there was something so sultry and sexy about her… yet carefree and silly.  Traits she has kept throughout her career.


Her movies have never been super big block busters but I still absolutely adore her and everything she’s been in… So enjoy the photo’s and just know.. blondes will always have a spot in my heart… 

Cameron_Diaz_3 Cameron-Diaz4



A afternoon of People Watching…

So today I decided to go walk the mall instead of going to the gym and walking on the hamster wheel…. I gotta tell ya.. them old people got it right.. I walked 1.62 miles in just over 30 mins.. worked up a little bit of a sweat.. and got to people watch.. You see some interesting things in a mall… very very interesting (said in my fake German accent)..


First off.. To the women who like to wear the same sized shorts they wore in High School… that’d be okay if you were the same size now that you were in High School…



Now don’t get me wrong.. I’m all in support of a confident woman in any size body… but um yeah.. these women need a “NO” friend..

Secondly..  to the slime ball man who was walking hand in hand with his female companion (don’t know if it was wife or girlfriend).. you sir are a true pig!  You were not the least bit “sly” checking out every woman who walked by you, even winking at a couple of girls who looked young enough to be your daughters…If your girl is truly that blind I feel so completely sorry for her.. but chances are she’s not.. she’s just tolerating you for whatever reason.. you either have money or a big dick that you know how to use.. those can be the only reasons I could see her staying…

Third – To the snotty ladies who came out of the Coach Store with your bags cutting me off and several other people.. guess what.. your not all that.. those are SECONDS Coach bags.. not FIrst.. it’s an OUTLET mall..get over yourselves.  Granted you 3 were skinny and had pretty faces.. your attitudes made you quite ugly.  I’d rather be friends with someone who bought a purse from Walmart then you…

Fourth.. to the lady who had her shoe’s off and was rubbing her feet while sitting on the bench.. rather laying across the bench.. hey.. I’m all for comfort and sometimes your feet just hurt and you need to rub them… but dayum… a little tact would be nice…

Fifth.. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE… Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch came out and flat out said that fat people weren’t good enough to wear his companies clothes.  He is a huge bully who seriously upset millions of people.  I had hoped that people would have realized just how shameful this was and would have boycotted this company but noooo.. today I saw dozens of people in the store buying up the merchandise like it was the greatest thing ever.  Why?  Is it because your skinny and young and popular you think it’s okay to still buy their crap?  What if he was being a bully against something else, like say.. Puppies and Kittens.. what if he came out and said all animals in shelters should be put down if they are not adopted within the first 24 hours of being in the shelter?  How bout all homeless people should be put in prison simply because they aren’t fun to look at.  What if he said that anyone who ate meat should be put into the same processing plants that the animals have to suffer in?  What is it that would finally light your fire and show you that bullying on ANYTHING should not be tolerated?  STOP BUYING THEIR SHIT JUST BECAUSE HE DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING THAT WAS BEING A BULLY TOWARDS YOU… stand up for those he did bully!!!!!



and finally last.. when I had started to lose all hope in humanity today.. a group of teenagers were laughing and giggling with each other while eating some frozen yogurts when this woman came out of a store carrying a baby, a diaper bag and a bag when she dropped the diaper bag.  The teenagers stopped what they were doing and ran over to help the lady pick up her stuff.  It was extremely nice to see and kinda renewed my faith in humanity.. a little at least..

Who me… obsessed???? Naw

Have you ever obsessed on something?? I mean really obsessed?  I have a tendency of doing that on so many things.. I find some new food that I love and I eat it until I’m sick to death of it.. can anyone say hummus?  When I started exercising a totally over did it to the point of getting not 1 but 2 Hernia’s that I’m still recovering from and now I’m obsessing on boxing.. to the point I wanted pink boxing gloves for my anniversary and GOT THEM!  I use to joke that I had an addictive personality… guess it’s true..



See.. mine are the pink one’s.. my hubby’s are the blue one’s.. we gave each other the gift of good health for our soon to be 4th anniversary!

I have some other things that I’m totally obsessing on but I’m not about to put it on here (I have family that reads this).. but some of you (my followers) know what it is.. and I’m becoming completely obsessed on it.  I day dream about it at work.. I pray that I get to experience it more and more.. I guess it’s a good thing that I stopped doing drugs a long time ago..


A Deadline has been made

So my birthday is August 29… a mere 5 months away.. and I have told my husband that if he can buy my new boobs before then.. without putting us in debt or deep in the hole… I will get tattoo’s like this chicks on my boob and my upper stomach!.. Do you think he’ll figure out a way????



I do like the stomach tattoo.. I have a scar on my tummy right there that would be covered up by a tat and that would be cool.