Day 28 Thankful Post

Today I am thankful for make up… I love make up.. I love buying new make up, the smell of it.. making my face look better and hopefully younger!  Yup.. I love make up.. guess that makes me superficial but oh well.. I’m not planning on aging gracefully.. I plan on fighting it every step of the way!


Make-Up (Photo credit: scheng_fui)


Day 14 Thankful

Tonight I’m thankful for comfy pants.. you know.. the one’s that are less then attractive and we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them in public (well those of us with any kind of taste)… I have on my fuzzy pants right now!!! And yes, I’m thankful for them.

My fuzzy comfy pants… perfect tonight

Day 13 Thankful post


Shoes (Photo credit: MiriamBJDolls)

Today as I pulled on my super cute shiny pink high tops I thought.. “I am so thankful for shoe’s”… so that’s my post today.  I’m thankful that we have shoe’s.  I’m so glad that we don’t live in such a poor depleted country that shoe’s are not something that most people have.  I love having shoe’s to match my outfits.  The more shoe’s I have, the happier I am.   I am limited by space and funds at the moment to feed my shoe fetish but one day I may be able to get the one’s I truly want.


I missed out on the UGG craze and I chose to miss out on the Crocs (ugliest shoe’s ever) but hopefully before I’m too old to wear anything other then orthopedic shoe’s I will be able to enjoy being in a pair of brand new, name brand, super comfy awesome shoe’s.

鞋 拖鞋 時尚 塑料 卡駱馳 Crocs

鞋 拖鞋 時尚 塑料 卡駱馳 Crocs (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ugliest Shoe’s EVER