Bet you’ll wish you thought of this!



Now this is just flippin’ brilliant!!!!!

Forget the patterns, forget the dots, just grab the cookie cutters and a rubber mallet to make those perfectly carved pumpkins this year! The metal/tin ones work best…and the good news is that these are actually FUN for the adults to do. Just remember your Whack-A-Mole skills and you’re all set!


Forget carving.. I’m whacking this year!


I gave my husband a “Treat” for Halloween…..

This is my first “skinny” Halloween EVER!!!  I’ve never been thin enough to wear those store bought costumes so on the rare occasions I did dress up, I made my own costumes.  This year I decided to dress up since I could.  So I went from this…


To this with just a little make up (okay, a lot of make up) a wig and a cape!

Who is this chick?


I had to laugh because several times tonight while we were out taking our daughter Trick R Treating I caught him staring at me.  When I asked him what he said, “Your freaking me out… I keep thinking your a different woman and I’m gonna get caught cheating on my wife with you.  I keep expecting someone to see me and go…ooooo your cheating on Shannon”…. So for tonight I let my husband cheat on me with another woman…


I’m so gonna do this

My husband HATES clowns.. he thinks they are all evil.  I however love clowns.  I use to collect them when I was a kid.  Emmett Kelly is my favorite and I’m lucky enough to own one (a gift from my loving mother).  So I saw this on Facebook tonight and began cracking up.  It says to do it to your children, but I’m not that mean.  I won’t do it to them, however I would to my husband… ahahahahaha  All I can do is picture waiting in the bathtub, curtain closed, he comes in, sits down and in great Psycho fashion open the curtain w/ a fake knife..AHAHAHAHAHAHAHALMFAO… the punch I got would be totally worth it!


Screw you guys.. I’m going home

With Halloween coming I thought I’d tell you the story of how my brother and sisters and a couple of family friends scared the ever loving shit out of me!!!!  Scaring me for life really.  To this day I can’t go in a  grave yard at night.  Not gonna happen.  Well because of what happened that night and because now I tend to feel too many emotions from the spirits that are hanging around.

English: Graveyard to East of Glan Conwy Churc...

English: Graveyard to East of Glan Conwy Church One of two graveyards attached to the church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, so anyways.  We were young and our mother took us over to her friends Lou and Joe’s house for dinner.  They had 2 kids themselves named Joe Jr and Ronny.  All of us kids decided to go run the roads in the neighborhood (remember it was in the late 70’s or early 80’s so it was a different time then, plus it was a small town).  They took me to the little cemetery there and the minute we turned into the gates they took off running and hid from me!  Assholes.  I was the youngest and they all ran and hid from me.  I started to walk into the part where the tombstones were when they all started making scary noises, again ASSHOLES.   I was young but I wasn’t stupid.  I figured I’d leave.. “Screw you guy’s I’m going home” (said in my Cartman voice).

I got back to their house and told my mom and their mom and dad what they did to me.  Needless to say when they got home (after searching for me for about an hour before they decided they’d better get home and tell the adults I was missing) they all got their butts tore up.  Sadly however though, I’ve never quite gotten over the horror of it all.  Fast forward to age 15ish.  Me and my best friend Jill went to a nightclub that was made for teenagers, I think it was called “The Boardwalk” or some crap like that.  Anyways there was a HUGE cemetery across the road from it so we all thought we’d go over.  There were several of us and I didn’t want to look like the big wussy baby so I went.  We were in the Mausoleum and I was strolling through the benches when one of the guys that was with us reached out from underneath one of the benches and grabbed my ankle… ASSHOLE!!!  Another scar.  It’s time for us to get back over to the club before my nosey busy body sister shows up to pick us up and then tell on us because we weren’t there so we’re heading back on the road alongside the graveyard and Jill decides to be funny and she screams at the top of her lungs.  I can’t really call her an Asshole cause I love her.. but ASSHOLE… She scared the shit out of me.  I do believe I pee’d myself a little then.  She of course just stood there laughing at me.   That’s okay though, I got her back.  I always sent her first when we went into haunted houses!  HAHAHA.