Shanahan.. you prick!!!!



Did you see the game tonight??? Redskins vs Seahawks?  It was a playoff game.. and this picture right here WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED IF SHANAHAN KNEW HIS HEAD FROM HIS ASS!!!!!  Why did he not take RG III out when he started limping so bad he could barely run?  When he couldn’t throw the ball right because he had to step off on the other leg??? Why the hell would he let him keep playing???? He’s the star player!!!!!!!!!!!  What a complete and total dumbass that may cost RG III a lot more then just a few missed games.  I realize we are out now.. and he has time to heal.. but DAMN.. the man even said he was concerned and worried about letting him play…  I pray RG III will be okay, he’s a really great guy.. seems to be a good role model… talented athlete… I hope this coach didn’t ruin his career his first year out!