How well do you know your spouse?

Heard this on the radio this morning.  It’s a quiz to see how well you know your spouse.  I’m going to throw my answers on here and you know my husband will respond if I got them right or wrong.  Go ahead and take the quiz yourself and comment with how many you got right and also how long you’ve been with them.


When I turn on the TV, which channel do I usually turn to first?

What is my favorite thing to do (away from the kids)?

What is my biggest fear?
Ketchup on my fries or on the side?
Who is my favorite band of all time?
Do I start my shower facing the shower head or with my back to it?
What is my favorite day of the year?
What would I do with a million dollars?
What is my dream job?
What is my biggest pet peeve?
What do I love most about you?

1.  He turns it to AC1 (I think it’s AC may be AT) and either puts in a movie or turns on the XBox

2. Drink, shoot pool

3. Wasps/Hornets/Bees

4. Ketchup on the side

5. Alice Cooper is his favorite (even though that’s not a band)

6. Back and says “ooh that’s hot”

7. hmmm… I’m gonna say his Birthday

8. Pay his bills, pay his ex off, buy a house and travel

9. Alcohol tester.. no really.. Boob fluffer for porn.. okay I’ll stop.. Teacher

10.  Biggest pet peeve is Smart Ass response (from me )

11. My ability to be a pretzel!  Or my eye’s.. either.


Okay Robert.. tell me how I did and then leave your answers..