Retro top 5 list

Well I posted a blog earlier about a list of things I’d rather do then deal with my idiot co-worker, you should go read it.. I’ll wait.  Okay, back now?  See it was worth it.  Anyways, I figured I’d write up another list but this time it about some Retro toys.  I know how much everyone likes lists.  So below is a short list of some of my favorite toys or traumatic toys from my youth.  I hope you enjoy it and maybe it will bring back some good memories for you.


1) One of the toys I remember most is my WeebleWooblesHauntedMansion.  I played with it for hours; yes I know I wasn’t a normal child.  I have always been interested in ghosts stuff, even toys.  When my son was born I bought him some Weebles, they just weren’t the same.  He did not play with them very much.  I thought maybe it was because he was a boy and liked the hot wheels, but after my daughter was born and her grandmother bought her a whole Weeble mansion and lots of Weeble people and she didn’t play too much with them either I realized they’d lost their mojo.


Literally spent hours playing with this


2)  Next would be my beloved Barbie’s.  Not just Barbie but the 70’s Barbie Country Camper!  I had it tricked out!  I even had a picnic table that I put beside it and their plates were bottle tops.  Remember those green plastic containers that the vegetables and fruits use to come in?  Well those were my Barbie’s baby playpen.  I was so creative.

Barbie took lots of camping trips to the AC in our back yard!


3) Would be a toy that I never personally owned.  My cousin Jan had them and I could never master the damn things.  Thought I broke my fingers with it a few times, lol.  That would be the all glass clackers!  Not these cheap plastic things today, no ours were solid glass on a string!  I wanted one, but my mom wouldn’t buy me one.

Never could master these


4) Would be my Tri-Cycle.  I rode it all over the drive way and right across the street from where we lived the house had a drive way that had an incline!  Oh what fun to soar down that little hill, at least until I hit the stick in the driveway and flipped over the handlebars and managed to crack my skull and my chin awarding me over a hundred stitches in my head and on my face!  I still have a visible scar under my chin and I’m sure on the back of my head but that one is covered by my hair.

I was such a dare devil


5) And last but not least.  My Holly Hobby Dolls and tea set.  I loved Holly.  I managed to keep the teapot from the little tea set I had. (I remember my cousin Paul and I breaking the rest for some reason, he was such an instigator).  My sister Michelle surprised me with 2 Holly Hobby dolls for a gift a few years ago.  One is an older collectors doll, the other is a new one.  She knew my daughter would want to play with the dolls so she got a new one for her to play with.


I miss my Holly Hobby Doll


One thing you’ll  notice is NOT on my list.. that would be the Easy Bake Oven!!!! Oh how I wanted one.  I begged for one for years, but my mother (who was a fantastic baker) would never buy me one.  I guess she kinda thinks like I do, why buy this cheap lightbulb driven oven when you can bake in a real oven down the hall.. Damn, I’ve turned into my mom, that’s it.  I’m buying my daughter an Easy Bake Oven for her Bday this year!  One thing I did forget to mention that I had that every kid in the neighborhood would come over for… my Snoopy Ice Slushie Maker..yum

Honorable mention

I kept all of my Barbie’s and their clothes (a bunch my Aunt Mary Crocheted for me) and my very last Baby Doll that was bought for me with all her clothes… My daughter plays with them now.


This ddll is 30 years old at least.. and her eye's still work and she has all her original clothes.