Now You See Me Review



This is the IMBd (which btw is one of my most used websites) description of this movie.. “An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.”  This is the exact story line and there is no way I could describe it any better, but I’m gonna try.

Right from the start this movie dazzles you with the exciting magic tricks.  Jesse Eisenberg is the “top” magician in the movie.  I will say, he’s definitely hot in this movie, compared to his nerdiness look in his breakout role as Columbus in Zombieland, which he co-starred with Woody Harrelson in that movie and what do you know, he does in this movie too!  Woody is the mentalist/hypnotist or otherwise known as Con-Artist, which he does so well.  You can’t help but love Woody in anything he does.  Isla Fisher holds her own as the only woman Magician in the group followed by Dave Franco (those Franco boys are rather talented).  The four of them become known as the Four Horseman and proceed to rise to fame by pulling off a trick that makes it appear they rob a French bank from Las Vegas.  In the end of the trick they shower the audience with the stolen money.  This leads the police as well as Interpol to figure out how they managed to pull off the crime.  This is where Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent come in to play.  They set off trying to figure it all out, with Melanie appearing to be the one who is the “smarter” one of the two.  Morgan Freeman who is in the movie from the start (seen taping the first performance) is himself a magician who way back when tried to help another rise to fame but unfortunately that person died while doing an underwater safe trick.  Mark and Melanie enlist the help of Morgan who begins to teach them how the tricks are accomplished (some were pretty freaking cool.. and I only say that because I’m ignorant as hell when it comes to magic so I have no clue how tricks are done).

Now, here’s the really cool part.  Michael Caine is in it, looks amazing for his age and plays a key part in all of it!  If you’ve read my blogs at all… and I hope you have… you know I love Michael Caine.  He’s been one of my “Crush of the Month” celebrities.   At first you like him, you think he’s this great guy who is funding the show and frankly if they are stealing the money and giving it to the audience (really.. wouldn’t you love to be in this audience?) then he has to be a good guy.  Well after several twists and turns in the story line, the police going crazy trying to figure it all out you find out that Michael isn’t that great of a guy, but his Karma comes back to him, as well as Morgans!

I’m not going to tell you how it ended but you really do have to see the last 15 minutes to put the whole thing together.  It’s really a good movie and worth the rental fee, or the cost if your like my husband and have to buy every single movie you’ve ever seen!  It’s even a good movie for the younger viewers, there’s no nudity, no sex, limited foul language and really cool magic tricks!



Elysium Review

Elysium poster

Elysium poster (Photo credit: audiovisualjunkie)


So last night my husband and I went and saw Elysium.  First off.. I will start with it is a good movie, well good story line, but I have a few issue’s with it.  First off, you have to read a lot (and no I have no issue with reading but sometimes your just not in the mood to read while trying to relax and watch a movie), and secondly.. why does every movie about the future portray the future as a desolate waste land?  Why can’t it portray a world where we cure sickness and disease for everyone, not just the rich.  A place where there is adequate food and water for all, showers…tooth paste.. dental care?

Okay, so now onto this particular movie.  First off, I love Matt Damon, (he sealed his place with me in “We bought a Zoo“).  His performance in this movie is right on queue like always.  He is convincing and pulls you into his character.  You feel sorry for him and start to root for him to make it.. to pull off the impossible.  Your heart kind of hurts for him, despite what he did as a child and young adult… not gonna give away anymore then that!

Now, Jodie Fosters character.  I will say that Jodie plays a villainous spot on!  She’s super convincing as a heartless uncaring bitch with the desire to only protect the wealthiest and elite.  My problem with her in this particular role is the same problem I have with a couple of others in it.  Her accent.  What the hell???  It made no sense to me at all.  I just kept thinking.. “What the hell?”… truly.. it was all I could think.  Is that how Hollywood wanted to portray how the elite speaks in the future?  I can’t even come up with a cross between what it sounded like.  It’s not one regional dialect, it’s just.. odd.

Now onto Sharlto Copley.  He plays Kruger in the movie and you may remember him from the A Team, he played Murdock.  His voice annoyed the hell out of me in that movie but OH DEAR GOD… he talks like he is on helium with marbles in his mouth!  Some times I sat there thinking.. what the hell did he just say, where’s the pause and rewind button so I can back this up and listen again.  I thought of a Koala bear talking in a cartoon when he talked.

Next would be Wagner Moura.  All I’m going to say about him is.. I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND A FREAKING WORD HE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m going to have to buy this movie so I can watch it at home and pause it, rewind it and listen to it again and again and again to figure out what the hell he said.  Seriously.. not a freaking word he said made sense to me.

Now onto the movie itself.  It’s set in the future.  The Earth becomes over populated and diseased.  The rich escape Earth and go to live in a paradise in space, called Elysium.  It’s perfection.  They have a medical machine that cures all and any medical issues, broken bones, diseases ect ect.  Matt’s character Max promises his childhood friend Frey (a female played by the beautiful Alice Braga whom you may remember from I Am Legend)  that he will get her up there one day, that he will get both of them up there one day.  Fast forward 10 years or so and you find out that Max hasn’t been the best person but given the world in which it is set you realize he did what he had to do to survive.  On his way to work one day he gets harassed by the robot police that break his arm. He goes to the hospital where he reunites with Frey, his long lost childhood love.  Then never do explain why they separated, so don’t expect to find out why.  Well after they have their reunion he sets off to his job in a factory where he is considered lower then the low, and because so he gets put in a situation that ends up in a death sentence for him, setting the time line.  He has five days to get to Elysium to get in one of the beds to be healed.  So it starts.. he goes back to his old ways, he hooks up with the “bad guys” of Earth, meanwhile Jodie Fosters character up in Elysium has a plan of her own, to change everything on their habitat.  The two worlds clash together because of the “owner” of the factory that Max works at, he is on Earth during the day and flies to Elysium every day after work.  Jodie enlists his help to over throw the government and at the same time Max and his group set their sites on him to steal his information to go after Elysium themselves.  It’s followed by lots of action shots, blow ups, fights ect ect.  One thing I really liked about this movie is it wasn’t one of those 3 hour movies.  It was just the right length.  1 hour 49 minutes.  I won’t let you know how it ends.. but I will say it’s a bitter sweet ending.


ON a side note.  I sat beside this little blonde teenager who just pissed me the hell off.  She weighed maybe 110 lbs.. she’s have to be soaking wet to weigh that much but good lord, when she plopped herself down in that seat she shook the whole row!  Then we get to the phone issue!  This little moron never took her eye’s off that damn phone.  She texted at least 10 different people throughout the entire movie.  I swear.. she never looked up at the screen.  Why would you pay $12 for a movie you don’t even watch?  Well because obviously mommy and daddy  have lots of money and this imbecile has no concept of how hard it is to a) make money and b) just give it away to your spoiled ass child who spends it freely with no care!  Now, besides that issue… lets discuss how rude it is to be on your lit up cell phone in a movie.  The light blinded me throughout the entire movie.  I literally kept putting my hand up to block the light from eyes.  After an hour I started holding my hand up closer and closer to her face!!!  She finally turned her body away from me but that didn’t stop her from her non stop texting!  How very annoying!!!!  I truly wanted to just lecture her on her rudeness and inform her how the entire world is slipping by her because she simply can’t disconnect from the wired world.  I know, it’s ironic that I am discussing this while myself being connected to World Wide Web.. but guess what.. I have a life.  I have a husband, kids, a job.  I am not connected 24/7 which I’m guessing this poor child is.  I fight this with my own children and pray that one day I will get through to them.. but I feel it’s a losing battle.

Breakstone Cottage Cheese Review



I will be the first to say I love Cottage Cheese.. and I love the kinds w/ fruit mixed in it.. and I love peaches with it.. but this.. this Peach Cobbler flavored Cottage Cheese is FREAKING DISGUSTING!  I opened one today with thought of how much I was going to enjoy it.. because like I said I like cottage cheese w/ peaches and I love peach cobbler so it must be good… WRONG.. SO VERY WRONG….I almost spit that bite out like a small child does.. but I managed to choke it down.  I went and checked the date to make sure I didn’t buy a soured one.. nope, it’s good til the 29th… it’s just nasty… don’t buy it.. don’t waste your money.. it’s gross as hell!

The Walking Dead Review/Recap SEASON FINALE..

Tonight 27 people are suppose to go… I think Beth/Andrea/Herschel will be the one’s to go from the prison, although I’ve heard rumors that Glenn goes… I think the two with Tyrese will go (not his sister, the two guys), Phillip, Milton and a lot of people from Woodbury.  I’m getting excited.. can’t wait..



Okay.. it’s time.. woohoo


Awe damn.. we start with Phillip punching someone.. it’s probably Milton.  Yup.. poor Milton.  Phillip tells him it was because of him that eight of him men died.  He tells him you kill or you die.  Milton asks “What would your daughter think if she saw you today”.. he said she’d be afraid of him but if he’d been like this from the start she’d still be alive”.   He asked if Andrea was still alive and Phillip takes him into the room where Andrea is.  He tells Milton to pick up the tools that he won’t need them anymore, but he drops them.  Phillip tells him to pick them up but he leaves a pair of pliers on the floor.  Phillp tells Milton to kill Andrea and hands him a knife, instead he tries to kill Phillip but fails.  I knew he was a goner..  Phillip left Milton in the room to die with Andrea still tied up to the chair.

We are at the prison now.. Carl is looking at the picture her got for his sister.  They appear to packing everything up.  Rick tries to talk to Carl but he pulls away.  Are they leaving?  Rick see’s Lori again.  Darryl tells Carol that Merle never did anything like that his whole life.. she tells him he gave them a chance.  Michonne tells Rick they are ready.  She tells Rick that he had to think about the deal the Governor gave him, she got it.  Michonne I do believe has a thing for Rick..  She thanked him for letting her in, he tells her that it was Carl who made the call.

Phillip is trying to rile everyone up, telling them that they killed 8 men, and 5 more like that before.  Tyrese tells them that they are backing out of the fight.. that it’s not their fight.  They will stay and defend the women and children and when they get back if they want them gone they’ll leave.  Phillip gaives them a gun and thanks them.  they pull up to the prison like an army.. in military vehicles, blowing up the guard tower.  Well there’s the 27 that are gonna die.. all the walkers.    The spike strips blew the tires on the first truck.  They make their way into the prison, using the thr truck to pull the gate off.  They make their way into the ward the team lived in.  Phillip see’s a bible and picks it up.. a passage has been highlighted.  They get flashlights and make their way into the hallways…

Milton tells Andrea that he dropped a tool on the floor behind her.  She tries to pull it forward with her foot as Milton tells her that she will stab him in the head when she gets free.

They are all in the tunnels now, listening to the sounds thinking they are sneaking up on the gang.

Tyrese tells his sister that all is quiet.  Andrea gets the pliers but she feared he was dead.. he wasn’t yet.  He asks her why she stayed after she knew her friends were out there.. she tells him she wanted to save everyone.  He tells her she needs to hurry.

The booby traps start, flash bombs go off causing the walkers to come after the sirens go off.  As they start running out of the prison Glenn and them are shooting  the citizens as they try to escape.  While they were in the prison they jammed the guns on the trucks.  DANG.. Carl just dropped a boy from Woodbury!  He really has lost empathy.

This was too easy.  Carl tells him he’s going with him.. he said he took out one of the soldiers . Carl said he drew on them.  Herschel tells him that Carl murdered that boy.. that he didn’t draw on them.

Out on the road Phillip stops them on the road where most of them say they aren’t going back.. that’s when Phillip opens fire on them all.  Damn.. he killed them all except 2.  Oops, make that 3.  One woman is alive, she has a man laying on top of her.  Phillip doesn’t catch her.  He gets in the truck and motions for the 2 he left alive to get in with him.

Andrea is still trying to pick up the pliers.  She managed to pick it up but ended up dropping it.  Amazingly she has manicured toes!  She finally picks them and starts to work on freeing herself when Milton who has passed starts to turn.

Back at the prison they are getting ready to go to the city and end it.. Rick goes over to Carl and tells him Herschel told him about the boy.  He asks him if he was handing it over, Carl tells him that he had no choice.. he points out the people that Rick didn’t kill that came back and killed someone in their group.    when he gets up to leave Carl dropped the badge.  Glen and Maggie say they are staying in case the Governor comes back.  That leaves just  the few of them to go to the town.  Carol had the gore shot of the night I do believe.

The come up on the trucks in the road and find walkers eating some of the victims.  Michonne is badass with that sword.    Oh lord.. my heart jumped a bit.. The woman who lived was in the truck and she jumped up.. for a minute I thought she was going to get Darryl.

Milton has turned!  Andrea is trying hard to get loose.    She got one wrist free, finally the other.  OMG.. it showed the door from the outside and we heard Andrea screaming!!!  We won’t know if she dies or not.

We come back to the town where Rick and them are being shot at by Tyrese.. Karen tells Tyrese that she’s fine… that the Governor killed all of them.  She tells him that they saved her.  Tyrese opens the gate for them when he tells them they are coming out.  Tyrese asked them what they were doing.  They tell Tyrese that Andrea never made it to the prison.. They take them to where they held Glen and Maggie.. they find blood coming out from under the door..  They open the door to find Andrea on the floor.. she says she tried to stop it and shows where Milton was bit.  She says she tried to stop it… she asks about the gang.  She tells Darryl it was good he found them.. that no one can make it alone now.. he tells her that he never could.  She tells them she’ll do it herself, meaning shoot herself in the head.. Michonne is crying.  Michonne tells her she’s not going anywhere.  Andrea tells them she tried, Rick tells her yeah she did.  They go out the door while Andrea takes her own life with Michonne in the room with her.

They return to the prison with a funky make shift school bus.  That means the Governor will be back next season.  they brought the people from the town to the prison.  Carl doesn’t look happy about it.. Rick is looking for Lorri but doesn’t see her.

Well.. we have six months until it comes back on… Guess we gotta figure out what to talk about now with the fam on Sunday nights..

The Walking Dead Review/Recap..

Well we only have 2 more episodes… then it’s back to trying to pretend that Sunday’s with the fam are still fun!  Lord, what will we talk about on Sunday nights when it’s over for the season??????




So it’s been rumored that over half the cast is going to die tonight.  I will be furious if Glenn, Maggie, Rick, Carl, or Daryl or Herschel dies.  I’m wondering if the Governor will come back next season.. ya know as a Zombie!  That would be a cool kill.

We start with Rick and Daryl talking but my inebriated husband was talking and I didn’t get to hear it… grrrr  Rick wants to talk to someone.. now he’s heading up to talk to Merle who is tearing up a mattress looking for drugs.  Rick tells him that they need his help.    Rick is telling Merle that if they give the Governor Michonne Woodbury will stand down.  Of course Merle makes his normal smart mouth, tells him he’s honored.  Merle tells him what Phillip use to do to people and how he wouldn’t waste a bullet.  He tells him that if he gives Michonne to Phillip he won’t kill her, he’ll torture her.  Maybe take out both her eyes, use wire instead of rope so she can’t chew through it.  He tells Rick that he knows him, he doesn’t have the spine to do it.  My husband said he can’t believe that Ricks going to give her up.. I don’t believe he is.

We come back to Carl and Maggie calling for the zombies as Glen and Daryl set up traps and Michonne slashes a few for good measure.  Rick tells him that it was a good idea and Darryl tells him it was Michonne’s idea.  Merle is alone with Carol and she asks him if he’s with them.  She makes it clear that she meant for them perm, not just cause he was there.  Merle has noticed how much she’s changed since the camp.  He tells her she’s a later bloomer, she tells him maybe he is too.

Daryl and Glen are fixing the gates when Daryl asks if Merle has said he’s sorry yet.  He tells Glen there has to be some forgiveness but Glen lets him know he can’t.  He tells him how he tied him to a chair, beat him and threw a walker on him.. then took Maggie to a man who terrorized her.  He can’t forgive him for that.  Daryl goes and finds Merle who is obviously hiding something.  Merle tries to goad Daryl by telling him he has no balls, that he use to call people like Rick sheep.  Daryl tells him how they can’t do anything anymore without people.  He tells him he wants his brother back.  When Daryl leaves Merle picks up the phone and puts it in a bag he had hidden behind something with a gun.

Herschel is reading the bible to Maggie and Beth when Rick is outside wrapping a wire around his wrists to see how it feels when he see’s Lori.  He tells her she’s not there.  This time Lori was in her same clothes and still pregnant.  Herschel tells Rick “What your about to do” and Rick says he can’t, he won’t.


Merle and Michonne are going through the halls, Merle is telling her how they need to clear out the walkers before the Governor comes.  He gets behind Michonne and knocks her out and kills the walkers.  I’m thinking Merle is going to surprise everyone and use her as bait to kill Phillip.  I think Merle may die in this.

We come back to Merle walking Michonne through the town.   He’s telling her how they need to give peace a chance.  He kills a walker w/ her sword.

Rick tells Darryl he can’t find Merle or Michonne.. they go back to where he found Merle earlier and see’s that’s where he took Michonne.  He tells Rick he’s going to go after him, that Rick is family too.

Merle is telling Michonne how this is what he has to do, to be there for his brother.. and his brother wants the prison so he’s doing it t keep the governor out of the prison.

Glen comes in to talk to Hershel.  Hershel tells him that there were always men like him, there always will be.  Glen tells him he understands what he meant when he gave him the watch.  Aww… he says he wants to marry Maggie.  Herschel tells him he has his blessing.

We come back to Merle and Michonne.  Merle ties her to a post and tries to hotwire a car.. of course a car alarm goes off and every walker comes out.  Gore shot.. Michonne is bad ass.. BITE HIM.. DAMMIT.. he got away.  They managed to get out.

OMG.. I so gotta see the new GI Joe movie… the Rock and Channing… holy hell..

Michonne is telling him how he’s chosen the wrong path.. she hit a nerve telling him that Daryl has a new family now.  she tells him that at least when the Governor is done w/ her she won’t have to live with herself.

EEWWWWW hahaha… LOL  Glen cut off a Zombie’s finger to get her wedding ring..

This is the most Michonne has talked all season!  It’s nice to see her softening up.  She’s telling him that they can just go back, both of them.  He’s telling her he can’t just go back.  She asks why and he stops the car.  He cuts her wires and tells her to go back with him and get ready for what’s next.  He says he’s got something to do on his own.  He’s going to serve up some revenge, and it’s gonna be the death of him.

We come back to find Michonne killing the head of the one that Merle took off earlier.  Daryl asks where his brother is and if she killed him.  She tells him no that he let her go.  Daryl heads off to find him.  We find Merle playing with a bunch of walkers.. lol.  he’s got the music playing loudly in a car while he’s drinking and he’s going to slowly to they’ll follow him.  He jumps out of the car and lets it roll into the place where they had their meeting.  The gunners start taking out the walkers and he starts taking the gunners out.  He’s picking them off one by one.  Go Merle!  He had the walker in his sights when a walker came up on him.  As he was killing the walker the gunners got him.  the Governor bit off 2 of his fingers!  Damn… he tells him that he’s not going to beg and Phillip said “No” and shot him!  I knew he was gone tonight.

We come back to find Glen and Maggie talking.  Glen is so sweet and cute.  I love them as a couple.  Okay though.. I didn’t really like the way he proposed to her.  That was kinda lackluster.  The prison gang is called to a meeting with Rick.    He tells them about the deal.  He tells them that he was going to do it, to keep them safe, but he changed his mind.  He tells him that Merle took Michonne to seal the deal and Daryl went to stop him but he didn’t know if it was too late.  He has apologized to them and tells them that it can’t be like what he said it was going to be that night after the farm.  He tells them that they can’t be like that and he can’t sacrifice one for the greater good.. that they are the greater good.  He tells them that it’s all up to them, that he’s not their Governor… that “WE” choose to stay or go.  I think Rick is coming back to his sense.  He walked away to find Michonne walking back up to the prison.  Not sure what that look is on his face.  I think he was kinda sad that Merle didn’t get to finish it.

Daryl comes up to the scene.  BOOYA I CALLED IT.. I told my husband he was going to find Merle as a walker and sure enough.   Poor Daryl.. he’s crying.  He keeps pushing Merle away until he finally gets the  strength he needed to kill him.



the Walking Dead “Prey for Andrea” review/recap

It’s almost time…581903_634561276570034_910645177_n



I will stand by my previous predictions that Andrea and Tyrese will be the pivotal forces in the Governors Death!  Tonight will tell us all.

We start off tonight with a flash back to when Michonne and Andrea were on the move alone.  They are casually sitting beside a fire eating and chatting.  Oh.. this is where Michonne tells her about her zombie pets.  She asks if she knew them and the look said it all.  She tells her that they deserve what they got, that they weren’t human to begin with. ….

Now we are over at the good old city of Woodbury where Phillip is designing some kind of torture room and obviously getting great pleasure out of it.

The “solidiers” are prepping for a major battle, Phillip is looking like he’s getting ready for surgery.  He is one sick bastard.  Milton see’s what he’s doing and walks away but Phillip calls him back.  Milton see’s just how far gone Phillip is, and he will be a help in taking him down too.  Milton tells Andrea that there is no deal, that Phillip has asked for Michonne and that he doesn’t believe she can stop him.  He takes her up into a small room and shows her the torture chamber that Phillip has created.  He tells her to leave, to tell the people at the prison to leave.  She tesll him no, that she can’t do that.  She has to kill him.  That’s when Phillip walks in with even more things to torture with, a spool of thread w/ a fish hook tied to it.  He sits in the chair and starts whistling into a tape recorder and Andrea pulls her gun to shoot him but Milton stops her.  He says that he knew Phillip before he changed.    She tells him that they are going to the prison to warn the others, that he’s going with her.. He tells her can’t.. that he belongs there.  I can understand him and his thinking. He feels like he’s a peace keeper, even though it’s a losing battle there.  When she starts to leave Martinez stops her and takes her gun and ammo from her.  Phillip comes out and says he was sorry about that, that he just wants to keep her safe.    Tyrese and his girlfirend are standing on guard, and discussing  killing walkers.. That Tyrese needs the practice and lol, he keeps missing.  Andrea tries to get them to leave so she can escape, they try to stop her.. she tells them how bad the Governor is.. that he’s not what he seems, that he’s done horrible things and is planning worse.  They don’t try to stop her as she jumps down and takes off running.

Tyrese tells Martinez and Phillip that Andrea took off.  Tyrese asks if this is a prison camp, and he says no.  Then he tells them a story about about how she was out all winter alone, with just the biters.  Phillip asks if she said anything and thankfully Tyrese tells him no.  I”m telling you… Tyrese will be a help.  Milton asks if they are going after her, Phillip says no he is.  Milton tells him to let her go, that she wants to be with her people.  Phillip asks him if he knew she was leaving, he tried to lie but Milton is not a good liar.  Phillip pushes him into the wall and without saying a word tells him that he told her about Michonne and the deal.  Martinez tells Tyrese to be at the truck in 5 minutes, but won’t tell him what they are doing.  He tries to talk to his friends but they have bought the whole town story.  They go on about how he saved the other guys wife, he seems like a hellbent redneck.  You know the, I’m the man kinda person.. Poor Andrea is getting her exercise in today!  As she’s running down the road she hears the truck she runs into the woods and aof course is over run with walkers.   She takes out three w/ her knife alone.  A small bit of the gore for the night.

awe man.. it’s already half over!

They take Tyrese and them to the place where they collect the biters.  Tyrese has a major issue with this and tells them he isn’t going to be a part of it.  He gets into a fight with the guy he traveled with and holds him over the pit.  He ends up letting him up.

Andrea was walking through a field when a truck went by.. she dropped to the ground hoping to be hidden but he spotted her.  She took off running and managed to make it into the woods.  He was honking the damn horn like he thought she was just going to stop and jump in with him.  she gets through the woods to an abandoned building and of course Phillip drives up at the same time.. so not fair.. she’s running her ass off, he’s driving.

This new video game Bio Shock Infinite looks like a cool game.  Says it won 85 awards.. that’s pretty cool.

Ya gotta admit.. Andrea is pretty badass herself.  She has no fear and takes on anything.  She’s trying to find a place to hide from Phillip, she knows if he gets her she’s dead, or worse.  It would be cool if she took him out in the warehouse, but that would be too anti climatic.  What is it with him and that whistling?  OOOOHhhh.. that’s why he does it.  It’s noise and brings any walkers out..  Phillip tells her to come back to Woodbury, that that’s her home now and they need her.. When she doesn’t reply he starts busting out all the windows, that way he hears her walking.  He is a sick bastard.  She finds a place to hide and he starts whistling again.  He’s right up on her when something draws his attention away.  Yay.. another gore shot!  He’s dropping walkers left and right now.. AND THERE’S THE MONEY SHOT OF THE NIGHT.. SHOVEL TO THE FACE!!!  As he’s steadily hitting the walkers face over and over again with the shovel he hears something, Andrea is attacked by a walker and gets him on a hook.. she opened a door to find a hallway full of them, when she turns around there is Phillip.  The Music in intense.. he tells her it’s time to go home when she opens the door and hides behind the door.. the walkers come out after him.  We all know he’ll get away.  She takes off upstairs after one last look through the window on the door.  She hears Phillip screaming and for a second stops like she’s going to help but doesn’t.  she walks out the door.

Back at the zombie pit with the trailer full of zombies someone is dousing them with gas.. my guess.. Tyrese!  He sets them all on fire.. Qestion is.. is it Tyrese or Milton.  Probably Milton, like my husband points out Milton would have a better chance of getting out with a vehicle then Tyrese would.  Damn.. Andrea is on the Talking Dead.. does that mean she’s gonna die tonight??? LOL

I really hate the Geico Pig commercials..Really..

It’s morning now.. Andrea is still walking and looks dead tired!  She finally makes the prison!  DAMN IT.. Phillip catches her right outside of the prison but Rick didn’t see it.  He saw something but doubted he did… Poor Andrea.. she tried her hardest.

One of the guys from the town shows up at the pit to find it fired up.  Phillip returns to the town and tells Martinez he didn’t find Andrea.   Phillip goes in and talks to Tyrese about the pit.. Ty tells him that they can’t put the biters on kids and of course he tells him that it’s just for show.  Tyrese asks why his man didn’t tell him that and Phillip tells him that they don’t really discuss tactics with people they don’t know.  Tyrese tells him that they want to stay.  Phillip then asks where he got the gasoline, but Tyrese says “come again” then Phillip says it doesn’t matter.. I think he realizes that Milton had to have done it.  Milton finds him and asks if Andrea is dead, he tells him he doesn’t have her.  He says it’s a real shame about the pits and he hopes he finds out who did it, Phillip says “Oh you heard about that” and then tells him “he already knew who did it”.

We end with Andrea sitting in the chair with tape over her mouth covered in blood.


Next weeks episode looks good.  There’s only 2 episodes left..



The Walking Dead “The Arrow on the Doorstep” recap/review

Its Sunday night.. and you know what that means bitches… THE WALKING DEAD…



We’re getting close to the end of the season so something big is gonna be happening tonight.  We start off with Darryl and Rick going through some area, not sure where.  Herschel is in the car waiting.  I think tonight is going to see one or two fo the prison team dying.  I still say Beth is gonna get it.  It’s been rumored that Glen is going to be killed off.  I hope not.

Philip comes out from the back side when Rick walks up to a table and chairs.  It must be a neutral meeting ground. Rick said “you attacked us.  Hindsight is pretty clear”  The Gov said he is going to remove his weapon then said for Rick to remove his weapon but he didn’t he just holstered his gun but there was one under the table.  Daryl told Hershel he was in there then a car shows up with some of the Gov men, the Dr and Andrea.  Daryl asked why he was in there and Andrea said “he’s here?”  and went inside and asked what was going on.  Now she is trying to talk to them to talk things out.  Rick is saying he knows about the raids, the heads, and everything. Darryl and Herschel are outside with Milton and the henchmen of Philips.

Back at the prison the gang is getting all the guns together.  Merle is trying to convince the group to go kill the Governor right then.  Glen tells him it’s not the right move, not the right time and that was the final word.

Rick offers the Governor half of the area.  He of course says no saying he was only there for Ricks surrender.  Phillip sends Andrea outside so he can talk to Rick alone.  Andrea is not happy about that at all.

Rick asks him “so your the Governor”… he tells him that’s what the people called him, not him.  Rick is trying to figure out just what exactly kind of guy he is.  He called him the town drunk..ahahaha.. I love that analogy.  Phillip brings up Judith and how she may not even be his own child.  Andrea has been running her mouth just a little too much. if she survives, she won’t be easily allowed back into the gang.

Darryl is pacing.  Milton is trying to work things out, discuss things with the guys.  I think he really is for peace between them all but is clouded by Phillips’ lies.  Walkers show up and the Martinez and Darryl stop and tell each other to go first, but Andrea gets mad and does it herself.  Here are the gore shot’s of the night!  BAM baseball bat to the head.  Darryl of course kicks ass.  He finds some cigarettes “Camels non the less”…and offers one.. Martinez says naw, he prefers menthols.. Doucebag is his reply.  They both kinda start talking and realize no matter what they are going to end up going to war.

Herschel is telling Milton about how he lost his leg.  Milton is asking to see his leg, Herschel tells him “I’m not showing you my leg. .I just met you.. at least buy me a drink first”.

Phillip is telling Rick how he can’t just do nothing, that it will make him look weak.  Rick tells him that’s his choice.  Phillip is telling him that they are going to kill all the people they love.  Phillip then tells Rick about how he found out his wife died in a car accident while he was at work.  How his wife had left him a voice mail but he hadn’t had the time to call her back yet.. and he sat there holding the phone wondering what she wanted.  They both drink some of the scotch he brought.

Back at the prison Glen is working on the cages outside.  He finds Merle loading up some guns and Glen tells him he’s not leaving.  Merle says he doesn’t need permission.  Glen stands in his way.  he tries to intimidate Glen but it doesn’t work.  Maggie  jumps in to help Glen but Beth saves the day by firing a gun.

Herschel makes his way over to Andrea.  He asks how’s it going in there and she tells him they kicked her out.  She asks what happened with Maggie and he replies simply “He’s a sick man”.  Andrea starts crying and asks what is she going to do.  She says she can’t go back there and Herschel tells her she’s family and if she joins them then it’s settled.  She says she knows.

Phillip is still running his mouth telling Rick that this isn’t what he wanted.  He tells him he knows about the guns they brought back, so Rick knows he’s been watching them.  He tells him that he has something that he wants.. that one thing will make it all right.  He took off his patch and tells Rick he wants Michonne.  That if he turns her over this will all go away.  That one woman is worth all those lives at his prison.  We know Rick isn’t going to fall for that.

Merle is still trying to convince them that he’s right.  Now he’s talking to Michonne. He’s telling her that they aren’t killers.  She tells him that Rick is and Maggie is and Carl put down his own mother.  He tells her those are mercy killings, not the same.  She tells him he is on his own, that if he gets people killed, it’s on him.  Boy it must be eating him up that no one will listen to him and do what he says.  Maggie come’s out to watch and finds Glen.  She offers to keep hi company.  I wish they would make up finally.  Glen is really hurt I think that he couldn’t protect her better.  He tells her that he made it all about him and she needed her space.. she tells him that she needed him to see her.  She tells him that she’s always with him, no matter what.  They say they are sorry and kiss and make up..  Glen says he can’t have sex with her right there, the zombies are watching.   They run and close the gate and start ripping each others clothes off.   Yay.. prison sex!  I gotta say.. that was kinda hot!

Rick is asking how he can believe him.. Phillip tells him you can save your son, save your daughter, everyone you know. It’s your choice.   Rick asks if he gives him Michonne how does he know he’ll keep his word, that he’ll stop.  He tells him to think about it.  2 days. He’ll be there at noon.  That its not him he wanted, it’s Michonne.

Andrea goes with Phillip.  I knew she would.  She is not known for making smart choices. I still say she is going to be the one who is pivotal in the downfall of Phillip.  She may not be the one who kills him directly but she’ll make it so someone can.  Just my thoughts.

The group returns to the prison, Phillip returns to the town.  Rick tells everyone to get inside.  Phillip tells them surround the feed store, gun down everyone but keep Michonne alive.  Milton asks about the deal, he tells him this is a way to avoid a slaughter, he says “that is a slaughter”.  Phillip thanks Andrea for setting up the meeting, that they set terms.  She asks him what terms and he doesn’t reply.  She now knows the truth of him and I think Milton is seeing it too.  Rick tells them he sat down w/ the Governor.. that he wants the prison, he wants them gone, he wants them dead for what they did to Woodbury.  He read the Governor for what he is.  He says “We are going to war”… Way to go Rick!  Glad to have you back buddy!  Herschel goes out to talk to Rick, tells him they are taking it as well as possible.  Some are saying go, some are saying stay, some are saying strike first.  Rick tells Herschel the truth, that he gave him a choice, a way out.  He tells him that he wants Michonne.  Herschel says “he’ll kill her”.. Rick says “and he’ll kill us anyways”.  Then he starts questioning himself.  Herschel asks why he didn’t tell them.. he said they need to be scared.  Herschel tells him that Michonne has earned her place, that’s she’s saved several of their lives.  Rick asks if he’s willing to sacrifice his daughters lives for her.  Herschel asks why is he telling him and Rick answer is he’s hoping he’ll talk him out of it.

I am in agreement that they need to take the Governor out, but they can’t live life in a prison either.  There are only 3 episodes left this season.  I hope it ends with this story line being over.. I’m tired of Woodbury and Phillip!