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Her Shackles

The day was like all the others, up early and off to work.  She struggled to keep her mind on her duties, the window at her desk beckoning her to gaze out at all the people passing by and wondering what they were doing with their day.  Were they heading to or from work?  Maybe going to visit a friend, a lover, a family member in need of care.  The possibilities were limitless with each passing soul.  She rested her head on her hands, sighing as she repressed the feeling of wanting to run out into the sun freeing herself from her daily shackles when one soul caught her attention.  At first she thought she was only seeing glimpses of her past to which she hung on so closely in her heart, but there it was again.  Those eyes, those blue blue eyes that haunt her dreams looking in the very window she was desperately wanting to get out of.   Her first thought was it was impossible, she must be dreaming.  She wiped her eye’s, blinked a few times and looked again.  He was still there.  Her heart stopped for a moment in time, her worries and concerns all faded away with the tears that started down her face.  He smiled and she lifted herself from her chair scared to take her eye’s off him but desperately wanting to run to him.  Her feet took over where her brain stopped and she fled the chains, fled the incarceration of the cubical, fled to his waiting comforting arms..

Their embrace was magical, it stopped time and space and they were the only two alive.  All those other souls that were just moments ago occupying her every thought now no longer existed.  It was only him with her.  Her hands holding onto him, grasping at his flesh hoping to concrete that he was truly there.  His eye’s locked onto hers, not a word spoken.  His lips making their way to hers, how she wanted this.  Longed for it.  Missed his kiss, his touch, him.  The kiss should have ignited a long lost passion, it should have melted the iciness that had enveloped her heart.  The moment his lips touched hers he, like the daydream were gone.  She sat at her desk, a tear straining the edges threatening to overflow.  Her shackles still in place, on her heart.



Don’t call me a slut!

Today I picked up my baby girl from Tae Kwon Do and noticed she has a small bruise on her nose.. I asked what happened and she tells me the story of being hit by some bamboo (she hit herself) then goes.. “and don’t call me a SLUT or CLUMSY cause I hit my nose”…WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  my jaw hit the floor.. I asked “Why would I call you a slut, do you know what that word means?”  She said, “Yeah.. it means I fall alot!”…. now I’m smiling and breathing a little and explain to her what a slut means.. She said.. “whats the word you call me?”  I said ‘Klutz” she starts laughing and goes.. “OOOOHHHH that’s what it is, I said it wrong.”.

She comes by it naturally



Then I told her that the word slut was like a curse word, that even though it wasn’t cussing it was still a bad bad word… her reply “Please don’t tell daddy I said a cuss word”… awwwww… my angel is so sweet.

Dr Dr, give me the news..

Sorry I’ve been away for a few days but I haven’t been feeling all that well.  I’ve had several medical issue’s going on for a few months and they just got worse and worse until this past Thursday when the pain became to intense for me to just deal with.  So I told myself if I woke up Friday and was still in pain I would go to the er, after I went to work of course and took care of a few things first.

Last week I saw my surgeon for my follow up and he said if I continued to hurt and found no relieve and the pain got worse to come into HIS ER, so that’s what I did.  I called his office and let them know I was on my way to the ER and to please let Dr. Lin know.  Of course I found out later that his assistant Mr. Whitcher didn’t bother to let him know that I was coming, or that I couldn’t get my upper GI scheduled either, a**hole.

We make it to the ER around 11 Friday morning and it doesn’t take too long to get taken back to room and put in a gown.  The first of a gazillion doctor’s come in and ask me what is wrong.  You gotta love teaching hospitals, NOT!  So I explain the whole, this has been going on for awhile, getting progressively worse, my surgeon knows blah blah blah.  Of course I have to repeat this four thousand times before the day is over.  Then the fun really begins.  The tech that wants to take some blood and get my IV started comes in.  I tell her before she even starts that I am an extremely hard stick and to please use the smallest needle.  She says what I expected “I’ve been doing this for years honey, I’m sure I can do it”.. No one ever believes me when I tell them just how difficult my veins are.  So she takes the needle and pokes it in and starts pushing it around pulling it in and out trying her hardest to hit the vein.  She finally get it in, or so she thinks and tries to get blood out of it.  No blood.  She pushes some saline through and I tell her it hurts but she doesn’t listen to me.  So she leaves and comes back with the saline bag and hooks it up.  The minute it starts my arm is in severe pain, tears are welling up in my eyes and I’m feeling like my triceps muscle is tearing away from the bone.  Its worse then any cramp I’ve ever had.  I’m about ready to scream as she’s rushing to turn off the drip and take it out.  After she gets it out she goes and gets the nurse on duty who comes in and I’m still suffering from the pain the other lady caused and I’m telling her that I am a hard stick and to please use the smallest needle and don’t use me as a pin cushion.  So she looks over my arm and hand and puts the tourniquet thing on and starts slapping my hand, my wrist my arm anywhere to find a good vein.  She decides the thumb is the best place to stab me and proceeds to push a 22 needle into my hand.  OH MY DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN ABOVE AND SATAN HIMSELF IN THE HELLS BELOW!!!  Now I would say that I’ve never felt pain like this before but sadly I have.  Back in 2002 when I went to have my c-section to have my baby girl they had the same problems trying to find a vein and that dim wit stabbed my hand/thumb area 3x trying to find the vein but instead finding my bone!  You don’t know pain until you’ve had a needle hit your bone.  By now my body is coming up off the bed, the tears are falling, my foot is kicking the bed and the screams are trying to escape out of my mouth but I’m refusing to just outright scream because I don’t want to look like a big baby but my god the pain is intense.   She realizes this in not going to work, it only took the other dimwit to hold my hand and try to relax me and my husband coming over and rubbing my head and holding my head before she realized just how much pain she had me in.  So she takes it out and I take a couple of deep breaths and she’s stabbing me again, only this time between my pointer finger and middle finger on top of the hand.   I do believe this bitch is sadistic and enjoys the pain she causes people.  She probably goes home to her shrines and does some ritualistic dance ceremony while chanting and recalling the pain she cause that day.  In fact, she probably used my blood as she got it all over her pants and my bed!  Okay, if anything weird and bad starts happening to me (worse then normal) you all know who to tell the police  who caused it all.  The blonde witch that works at “The New Walter Reed Medical Center” in Bethesda MD, look up the records, she was working in the afternoon of Friday August 17, 2012!

After they get that IV in they realize that it will not give blood but does let saline through it, although that still hurt a lil too.  They’ve decided to just take blood the other way, manually by needle in another spot instead of through the port in the IV.  So after they get it finished and taped off they quickly give me a shot of pain meds which instantly give me a headache but does make me feel a little bit better, it kinda helped the arm pain go away from the earlier try.  Of course now I’ve got to explain a hundred more times to the Gastrointestinal doctors what is going on, the residents, the resident surgeon sent over from my surgeon, and then finally my surgeon comes over with his team and I get to tell him and them what’s going on.  He’s looking at all my blood work and telling me it’s all in the normal range but wants me to have a cat scan and the upper gi while I’m there.  I explain to him that the GI team was already in there and has said the earliest they could do it would be Monday morning and that’s only if I’ve been admitted.  “Your already admitted” he says as he walks out the door.  Well, alrighty then.  A couple of hours later I’m on my way up to the 5th floor.  I get there in time to meet my nurse who is just a chatty Kathy.  She’s so cute and truly positive and uplifting, however she is a talker!!  LOL.. I didn’t think it was possible to find someone who could outtalk me, but I did!

The rest is to be continued… J

Well officer, she just started throwing frozen food at me…

This is a true story that I posted on Dec 28, 2007.  I hope you find it as hysterically funny as I did when it happened to me!  Enjoy.



Ok so here it is.. The funniest thing that has happened to me in a very long time.  It happened last night.  Rob and I had been teasing and picking on each other for awhile while we were waiting on dinner to finish cooking.  I had extremely cold hands at one point and thought.. hmmmmm I’d love to put them on his nipples……So I walk up to him.. with that look in my eye.. making him know I wanted to know I wanted to put my hands on him…I pull his shirt out and slide my hands up inside and put my icy hands on him…He jumps back to try to get away from the coldness..I laugh.. he’s all good.  Meanwhile, back in the kitchen sink is a ham that is thawing out for our supper saturday.  He decides that he’s going to put his hands on the frozen ham and get them cold and try to do the same thing back to me.  Well, I fight off his advances and knock his hands away before he can.  We are both laughing at this point and having a ball just horse playing around with each other….

Becoming bothered by the fact he hasn’t gotten me back yet and not willing to be outdone he picks up the whole ham with all intentions of putting it on my back…. I duck down to avoid the unwanted frozen pork on me and in the process he bonks me on the head w/ the ham (or his knuckles, were still not sure but it’s funnier thinking its the ham).  Well… me and my smart ass brain process the fact that we were just hit in the head with a frozen ham and the redneck jokes started going crazy in my head.  Hundreds of them flooded my nerve endings faster then a speeding bullet.  And the laughter begins.  The more I thought about the jokes in my head the harder I laughed.  I had managed to get out the fact that he hit me in the head but started laughing so hard I could no longer talk.  I couldn’t breath, and the tears were running down my cheeks.  Not to mention Shelby is there laughing at me laughing which is making me laugh even harder.  By now my poor Robbie is starting to freak out by the laundry room door because he’s asking if I’m hurt because I’m crying but I am laughing so freaking hard I can’t even tell him I’m just laughing.  He’s scared he has hurt me and the look on his face did not help stop my laughter.  Yes I am sadistic.. I know this..


So after what seems an eternity I stop laughing enough that I can start to articulate what had me laughing.  I reassured him that I was not hurt but in my head I had heard the 911 call for domestic abuse…”911, whats your emergency”…”Yes, help me.. My old man has assaulted me with a frozen ham”….and the laughter erupted from me yet again.  Just the thought was too much, I couldn’t control myself.  More tears started rolling.  We managed to make it out to the patio where he finally realized I indeed was not hurt and started laughing with me.  By now my stomach hurt so bad from laughing so hard I couldn’t stand it, but I couldn’t stand it.

Thats when Robbie jumps in and adds to the scenerio that is going on in my head.. “Well officer, she just started throwing frozen food at me.  First the ham, then a pot roast, when she chunked the hot dogs I thought, fuck I need to go”….LMFAO.. by now the tears are rolling again and I added “I thought if the taters start comin at me I’m leavin”… we are both dying by now.  This lead into a whole different convo on how my ex would say “See, I told ya’ll that Kevin was a bad man.”…. (he’s forgotten his name is Rob and now calls him Kevin which is hysterical in it’s own right)…”He’s so bad he beat her with a frozen ham”….and again.. the laughter bursts out of me.  Finally the “You know your a redneck when” comments started, which kept the laughter going.

Here it is almost a full 24 hours later and I’m still giggling about being hit in the head by a frozen ham.  To top it all off I ended up having a big asthma attack late last night, and poor Robbie… I started laughing again and he couldn’t figure out why until I tell him….. “First ya give me a concussion with a frozen ham, then ya try to kill me with wild vigorous sex that literally takes my breath away”…. me being sadistic like I am found that a whole lot funnier then he did, huh baby?…lol.. Anyways.. thats my tale of the attack of the frozen ham.  It’s official.. I’m a redneck!!!!!!! LMFAO… I just had to pass this story on… hope it makes ya laugh half as hard as it did me and still does!!!! lol


Haunted dreams…

The house was beautiful.  It looked like one of the houses you see on home improvement shows, but in the after segments.  I couldn’t believe how clean and pristine everything was.  Clearly, these people had no children as there wasn’t a toy or electronic device to be seen, other then the impressive TV and media center on the back wall.  The fire in the front room reflected beautifully off of the dark hard wood floors.  The soft glow lit the room making it feel warm and inviting.  “Where the hell am I” I thought as I walked through grand hall. It wasn’t until I walked up closer to the huge mirror hanging over the fireplace that I realized how I was dressed. I reached down and touched the silky fabric of the crimson red dress I wore.  The front was very low cut, lower then I’d ever worn in my life.  The bodice tightly clung to my frame, the skirt was handkerchief cut and laid softly on my skin.  I turned to see there was no back on the dress.  I flushed at the thought of being seen in it.  My heel’s were the same color as the dress, strappy 4 inch peep toe’s.  My hair curled and laying so perfectly on my shoulders.  “Is this really me?” I thought.

“You look amazing my dear” a voice from behind me said.  “As you always do” he said coming closer to me.  I had no clue who he was, but yet I did know.  He felt familiar to me.  He had sandy blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, defining jaw, and soft lips that curled up on each side as I looked at him.  His 6’3 frame towered over my short 5’7″.  He shoulders wide, waist narrow, body well defined.  Even though he was dressed in a suit you could still see the outline of the muscles under the fabric.  “Like what you see” he asked.  “Very much so” I replied.  He walked up to me and put a hand on either side of my face “good, because I definitely like what I’m seeing” he said as he lowered his mouth to mine.  The electricity shot through my body, piercing and tingling every part of me.  I couldn’t help myself, I kissed back.  My arms wrapped around him pulling him closer to me.  After several moments my brain started screaming to me and I pulled away from him.  “I’m married” I said, “I can’t do this”.  He grinned at me and pulled me close again.  “Your mouth says you can’t, your body tells me other wise” he said kissing me again.  Trying as hard as I could to fight it, my body gave in, “traitor” I thought.

I wanted this man.  I wanted to touch him, kiss him, feel his essence inside mine.  I’d not wanted something this bad in a very long time.  It was almost as scary as it was exciting.  His fingers danced across my skin sending shivers down my spine.  “Your shaking” he said while teasing the exposed skin on my back with his finger tips, driving me insane with desire.  “Maybe I should take you by the fire” he said as he picked me up and carried me over to the fireplace.  “Stay right there” he said.  He walked over to the door on the side of the living room and pulled out a thick blanket and a couple of pillows.  He laid them out on the floor in front of the fire and walked back over to me.  He took his jacket off and threw it on the couch.  “Now, where were we?” He asked as he walked up behind me and started kissing the back of my neck.  He wrapped one arm around my waist and bent me over slightly to kiss lower on my back.  My body ached for this man.  I felt the clasps  on my dress come undone as it fell forward leaving my breast exposed.  His hand moved up cupping one then the other.  His other hand sliding up under my skirt.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, I felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t have him right then.  I turned around and pressed my lips to his, feverishly looking for his tongue and finding it.  My hands working quickly on his shirt buttons.  He found the zipper to the dress and it fell to the floor.  I stood there in nothing but the red heels, my body on fire, my mind no longer thinking of the consequences of this night.  Only one thing was in my thoughts and it was him. My shaky hands found the button and zipper to his trousers and with expert movements his pants fell to the floor quickly.  He looked into my eyes and picked me up and laid me down on the makeshift bed.  Our hands exploring each others body, leaving no place untouched.  Passion and desire over took us, taking us to a different time and place.  We were the only two people alive in the world at that moment.  We took hours discovering each other and exhausting one another.  Finally, we lay there, wrapped up in each others embrace, exhausted and sweaty. Smiles danced across our faces as we drifted off to sleep.  “I do love you” he said. “I love you too” I sleepily said.

“Baby, wake up.  Your going to be late for work” I heard my husband say.  More asleep then awake I rolled over expecting to find my dream lover laying beside me.  He wasn’t there.  As reality crept back in I realized that he was indeed a “dream” lover, even though he felt so real.  My heart ached a little, my body ached even more, ached for him and his touch.  “Damn it” I said as I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.  It was just a dream, but it felt so real. I felt every touch, every kiss, every orgasm.  How is that possible I thought.  I walked back to the bedroom wishing I could get back to my dream but instead knowing I had to get dressed.  “Did you sleep well” my husband asked.  “Yeah I did, you?” I asked with the guilt suddenly creeping in.  I couldn’t even look at him in the eye.  “Not really” he said, “you kept tossing and turning”  The guilt and embarrassment threatened to take over.  “Sorry” I said.  “It’s okay” he said as he walked up to me.  “it must have been a great dream” he said as he wrapped his arms around me.  I felt horrible guilt at his touch.  I wasn’t sure if it was guilt for “cheating” on him in my dream, or guilt that I was cheating on my dream lover with him.  I kissed him quickly and walked out of the room.. I couldn’t get to work fast enough today…