Things about Snow I never Knew

I was born in South Florida and lived in that state until I was 23 years old.  When I moved I ended up in South East Texas where the weather was pretty much the same, so I really never knew anything about snow other then what I saw on TV or in the Movies.. and frankly they didn’t prepare me all that much!  So here’s my list of things I didn’t know..

5) Sure, snow is pretty to watch when it’s falling and when it’s fresh on the ground… it’s so white and pure looking.. but what the movies never told me was just how nasty it looks after it’s been plowed and around for a day or so..

Not too pretty, huh!

Not too pretty, huh!


4) It doesn’t have to be 32 or below to snow.. in fact, it seems to snow more when it’s closer to 40 then below 32.  At least here in Northern VA.

3) People turn into lazy assholes when it snows.. what do I mean?  Well they don’t scrap all that snow off their cars then drive down the road at 55 + miles per hour so that it flies off their cars and onto the other cars around them.  Try driving down the road and have snow/ice slam into your windshield at that rate of speed.. Coffee can’t wake you up as much as that will!

2) Snowball fights can hurt!  Oh sure on TV they are all laughing and having fun throwing those fluffy white balls of powder at each other.. and it’s all good… well in real life.. those white frozen balls of death hurt like hell when they slam into your face or any part of your body that isn’t insulated with layers of puffy clothes on!  This is not fun.. Not in the least!


Yup.. this is me after being hit by one!

1)  And the number 1 thing I didn’t know about snow is.. just how much it sucks!  It’s cold.. it’s wet.. it gets everything muddy and icy and yucky!  Give me a hurricane anytime over this crap.   My Fla peeps are enjoying 80 degree’s weather right now.. and I am jealous..




Oh.. and a bonus… making snowmen are not easy at all!  On TV they make these great big one’s.. and they just lift the balls up and put them on top so nice and neatly… umm.. those big balls of snow weigh a metric ton, not to mention they are freezing cold!!!!

This is what my snowmen usually turn out like..