Got Ink?




I currently sport 5 tattoo’s.. (one of them in danger of being removed.. long story)… and I’m so ready for another one.  I want my children’s names.. I want the strength symbol.. I want “Never Again”… I want a cherry blossom tree w/ blooms… how about you?  Do you have a tat?  Do you want a tat?  What would you get if you could?


Your Body is Your Canvass



I love my tattoo’s.  None of them are big, none are specially drawn for anything or anyone.. they are all just tattoo’s.  One is special because it was the first tattoo I ever got.. another is special because it was the first one my husband paid for me to get, it’s a heart and I think of it as him giving me his heart.. the other he got me is special because it was a gift from him.. the 4th.. I just really liked it and the colors they used.. and the last one.. well my best friend got the same exact one at the same time (on our girls weekend) to remind each other that no matter what.. we are always with the other one.. heart and soul..I would like to get some more.. some with meaning.. my never again symbol.. something for my mother’s memory.. my kids names… those will have to wait though..

I have never regretted any of my ink, my only regret is I waited til I was 30 to get my first.  I won’t regret them at 80 because a) I’ll be happy if I get to live that long and b) NOBODY will have perfect skin at 80, so at least mine will be colorful and interesting.. not just old age spots and wrinkles.

Recently I had a discussion at work with an older co-worker (when I say older I mean like 70ish) about tattoo’s in the work place.  He preceded to tell me that the only reason people get tattoo’s is for attention only..he said they are just a phase and will be dying out soon and will never be accepted in the work place… yeah.. I shook my head too.  He asked me to name 1 thing from my childhood that was still around and thriving (trying to trip me up).. I said “Gaming”… I’m a child of the 70’s/80’s and that’s when home video gaming systems came out.. they are now a billion dollar industry and going strong.. then I told him computers in general… to which I got ‘Well.. that’s different’.. uh huh.

I told him that tattoo’s have been around since the beginning of time, that they have always been and will always be here.  He said.. “Well sure, there will always be a drunken sailor or drunken soldier who does it on a dare or some bimbo who rebels at 18 and gets one she’ll regret later in life”…. it was at this point I knew drop it or have it out.. so I left him with this..

“Well.. all I can say is how thankful that I am that your generation, which to me is the MOST judgmental group of people I’ve ever dealt with is now at retirement age and is stepping down from being the leaders of the companies that you believe will not tolerate tattoo’s in the work place.  It’s time that people judge others by their character.. not their skin color, their decision of inking their body or not.. let them been seen for who they are and what they do rather then what they look like”….

He didn’t say anything to it… he knew he lost..

tattoo # 4 - finished!

tattoo # 4 – finished! (Photo credit: Tracy Lee)

Art or Ugly?

“Ink” done well can be a fascinating and even a beautiful thing. However, Scarlett Johansson got a new tattoo on her ribcage. It’s a horseshoe with the words “Lucky You“. It was done by a French artist, and it’s totally in his style. So even though it looks like it may have been drawn by a 4th grader with hiccups, it’s actually art.


umm… really? You have that much money and that’s what you ink on your skin for life?????


(this came from one of my favorite morning radio show’s.. The Jack Diamond show.

All I Want For Christmas is a New Tattoo… a New Tattoo…a New Tattoo

I got my first tattoo at age 31.  You see I had to wait until after my mother passed away… I had planned on never getting one but mom passed away when I was 29 so I figured, well she can’t disown me now so for my 31th Birthday my ex husband’s brother said he would pay for a tattoo for me if I wanted one.  He did so because he wanted one and didn’t want to go alone.  My ex was furious because a) he didn’t want me to get one and b) he couldn’t go because he had to stay home with our son (nanny nanny boo boo).  He never wanted one anyways and didn’t want me to have one so why should he get to go?  Whoa.. different topic, back it up Shannygirl… ANYWHO… I got a pretty little design w/ 5 Butterflies right in the middle between my should blades on the spine.. OMFG..I thought I was going to pass out from the pain… but I didn’t.. I didn’t even cry.. Yay me!

Fast forward several years and my new hubby (boyfriend at the time) paid for me to get a second tattoo, and yes it friggin hurt.  Then he got me my third one.  Then I got one on my girls only weekend with my bestie (who got the same tattoo too).  Then after we moved out here and had a little bit of money (thank you tax return) I went and got one as a surprise for Robbie.  He was surprised, and jealous so of course in true Robbie fashion (thinking WordPress numbers here) he had to go out and do bigger and better.  Love you honey.  Now this last one hurt like a mofo because the guy said he was using new ink that was suppose to stay brighter longer and apparently it wouldn’t take so what should have taken 1/2 hour took almost 2 hours going over and over and over in the same little tiny area!  OUCHIE..I swore I would never ever get another one.. ever… no matter what.. too much pain.. too much $$$… nope.. not gonna happen.. but IF I did I would get a chocolate covered strawberry in memory of my mom (if I can find one that doesn’t look like a cartoon), and it’d be cool to get my kids names and maybe their baby feet prints, and of course there’s the symbol for strength that I want and the NEVER AGAIN.. awe dammit… now I’ve got a list of new tattoos I want.. I guess they are like childbirth.. after a few years you forget the pain.

This is freaking AWESOME and if I wasn’t such a pussy about pain I’d get a big one like this too


So if you could get a tattoo, anything you wanted and money was no object, what would you get?  And Where?

Maybe us tattooed people should judge you

Tattooed woman

Tattooed woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning on the Jack Diamond morning show they discussed a story coming out of Texas where a mother took her 14 year old daughter to get tattooed.   She found a tattoo artist who did the work with her permission, however by the laws of the State of Texas you must be 18 years of age to get a tattoo.  Now the mother and the artist are facing 180 days in jail and up to a $2500 fine and he may possibly lose his license for doing the work.  Now I agree they should be held accountable, I think maybe the loss of this persons lively hood is a little steep for a first offense, maybe a probationary time for him is more suitable.    This story received a flood of calls from listeners, and this one lady is the reason I got so fired up over this all and decided to write a blog about it.

This woman called in and told the story of how her 18 year old daughter got a tattoo on her shoulder that said “Life is Beautiful” in Spanish.  The mother was furious over it and let it be known to the daughter how angry she was about it.  Soon after it was done the daughter asked the mother if she could come to work for her in her store, (this person owned her own custom made clothing store in DC).  The mother told her flat out that if she did she would have to have the tattoo removed.  The woman proceeded to tell the DJ how she was friends with a Dr and that the Dr knew how angry she was about the tattoo, so she took the daughter to this Dr who removed the tattoo in 6 painful sessions.  The mother also giggled and said that because the Dr knew her and how angry she was he made the process a little more painful for the daughter to “teach” her a lesson… OMFG TALK ABOUT ANGRY.. I was screaming at the radio.  This bitch wants to judge “tattooed” people and discriminate against us but she wants to cause her own child pain and agony???? AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE???  The tattooed people are bad but she wants her own flesh and blood to be in pain, instead of accepting her for who she is?  What a crock of shit.. IF she would have said the name of her business on the air I would launch a full out attack to have every tattooed person in the DC area boycott her!

I try to teach my kids love and acceptance.  To be who they are and always try their best.  Never to judge a book by it’s cover and to always give people the benefit of the doubt (but not be stepped all over either).  I let them know that I will love them and accept them whether they get a tattoo like their mother and father have or not.  My daughter has already said she’s never going to get one because she doesn’t like needles.  And that’s fine.  She’s beautiful with or without it.  My son has mentioned getting one and that’s great.  He too is handsome with or without it.  What’s on their skin isn’t going to change how I feel about them.

It makes you wonder though, if someone is going to judge because someone puts ink on their skin, do they judge if you have freckles?  I mean that’s kinda like God‘s personal ink jobs!  What about moles?  They both have colors other then skin tone?

This woman I bet has no problem with the people who defend her rights to be stupid, even though the vast majority of our armed forces support some form of ink.  I can’t stand people like her!  People need to stop looking at the outside of people and start looking at the inside.  If I were her daughter I’d go get a new one, where mommy couldn’t see it.. maybe something that says “KMA”.. ya know.. kiss my ass!