1000 Likes.. Thank you



Today I hit my 1000 like.  How awesome is that????? Pretty freaking sweet!!!  So with that I wanted to say thank you to those who have clicked like.  I know the majority are from my hubby (he likes me.. he really likes me).. .but I have a few followers who like to stop by and comment and click that little button on top.. so Thank You Thank You Thank You…


Day 30 Thankful Post

Pink for October * Lazo rosa

Pink for October * Lazo rosa (Photo credit: jacilluch)

For my last Thankful post I’ve decided to be thankful that no one that I love and is in my immediate circle has cancer at the moment, and those that have had it have fought it and are in remission.  I’ve lost too many loved one’s to this nasty disease and I would really not like to lose anyone else to it.  (I wonder if I just jinxed myself since I just had my mammogram yesterday do make sure the lumps in my breast are happy lumps or sad lumps…ugh)


Day 29 Thankful Post

Tonight as I sat at the table working on filling out the Christmas Cards I noticed my baby girl gather up some paper, sit down then start writing out things too.  I handed her a few cards and told her she could fill them out for some of her friends.  Her eyes lit up and I could just see how happy she was to be doing the same thing mommy was…. so tonight I’m thankful that my daughter loves like she does… there is truly a special bond between a mother and daughter… just like there is between a mother and son.  I’m lucky enough to have 1 of each and the bonds are completely different.  It still amazes me.

2 silly girls

Day 28 Thankful Post

Today I am thankful for make up… I love make up.. I love buying new make up, the smell of it.. making my face look better and hopefully younger!  Yup.. I love make up.. guess that makes me superficial but oh well.. I’m not planning on aging gracefully.. I plan on fighting it every step of the way!


Make-Up (Photo credit: scheng_fui)

Day 24, 25 and 26 Thankful Posts

Unusual sarcasm notice

Unusual sarcasm notice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dang it… I forgot to do these over the last few days..so here goes


Day 24.. I’m thankful for nail polish.. for without it my toenails would be boring.

Feet with polished nails

Feet with polished nails (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Day 25… I was thankful yesterday for sleeping in late.. yup, I only get 1 day a week to do that and yesterday was my day..


Naruto Sleeping

Naruto Sleeping (Photo credit: lyk3_0n3_tym3)


Day 26….My sarcastic brain… yes it has gotten me in trouble but I don’t care.. I love my smart mouth and smart brain…

Interesting Ad

Interesting Ad (Photo credit: eliazar)

Day 23 Thankful Post

I am thankful today that my loving husband buys me boxes of Lucky Charms cereal just so I can pick the marshmallows out of it.  I can’t eat cereal anymore but I do love those yummy yummy marshmallows.. so on occasion I like to eat about 8 to 10 or so at a time..

A box of Lucky Charms from 2011

A box of Lucky Charms from 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look.. it’s America’s #1 source of Whole Grain.. so it’s healthy..

Day 22 Thankful post.. A very special Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving.  A day where family and friends come together and give thanks for everything they have in their life.  A day for happiness.  For me and my brother and my sisters today is a bittersweet day for us.  Today would have been our mothers 67th birthday.  She died in 2000 from colon cancer and none of us have ever quite gotten over her death.  She was a special woman, a loving wonderful hard working devoted woman who loved all her kids and all their friends that came into her life.  We were all her kids, if we loved you then she automatically became your “adopted” mom and she loved you dearly.

My mommy with such a cutie


My mother had a hard childhood.  Her father left them when they were all young so she had to go to work at a very early age.  She married at the ripe old age of 18 and had her first child at 19, then 20, then 23 then me at 26.  My dad died when he was just 32 leaving her to be a single mother of 4.  She worked very hard, never taking in food stamps or any help, she did it all on her own.  Somehow she managed to open 2 businesses and made them both successful.  Because she did have to work so hard we didn’t get to see her as much as we wanted, but she always made time for us when we needed it.  Especially when I was sick (which was quite often growing up).

She always had a smile on her face

She was a woman who always had a smile on her face and a song in her heart.  I honestly only remember ever seeing her cry once, and that was the day we found out dad was dead.  I’m sure she cried more then that, but she didn’t show us.  She was strong and smart and have I mentioned beautiful?  She had her crazy wild side too, which we all loved to see.  She’d swing from the vines in the back yard out over the railroad tracks with us kids, never fearing if we or even herself would fall.  She broke her arm swinging from a beam at a friends house, she broke her thumb in a freak bowling accident, and she even managed to run over her own leg one night!  I was so lucky to have her for the 29 years I did, although I wish I would have had more time.

When I was sick or when I would be sad about something she would sing “You are my sunshine” to me.  It was “our” song.  I can’t sing it or hear it with pangs in my heart.  I sing it to my own children now (well not my 15 yr old son anymore, he’s too big).  So the following video is dedicated to her.  It’s me… all natural.. crazy hair, no make up… I just didn’t have desire to dress up today…so forgive the appearance.

(well I have a video but I cannot get it to load..when I figure it out.. I’ll post it in here)

So in loving memory of my Mother… Virginia Lee Ross Underwood.  11-22-45 to 3-31-00.  Gone way too soon.  I hope your having a wonderful birthday party in Heaven and enjoying being with your own mother now.