The Walking Dead Review/Recap

So it’s that time again. I’m going to call it early and say I think Andrea is going to come back to the group. I also think that Tyrese will be back too.


Now saying that it begins with the group talking about what to do. They‘ve got Merle locked up in the other room. Even though they dont want to believe it but Merle is telling the the truth.  Hershel tells Rick that he put his life in his hands.. that he needs to do something.  Rick heads outdoors to survey the woods surrounding the prison when Carl comes out and tells him he should stop being the leader, that he deserves a break.  I think Carl see’s that his dad is losing his grip on his humanity.  I don’t think however that Rick will step down, he has to be the leader, he’s made that known from the beginning.

Milton is filling the doctor in on the statistics of the group, giving them all side arms and ammo.  He is scared and preparing for a war.  Phillip of course is telling Andrea how the people she use to be with have changed, that they fired on the people of the town as they went to discuss things with them.  Andrea is telling him she is going to go see the people at the prison, he tells her if she goes to the prison to stay there.  Like I said, she’s seeig things the way they really are now and I do belive that she will be going back to the group.

Rick is informing the group of what is going on out in the yard.  Glenn is still having a very hard time dealing with Merle being there.  Glenn thinks that by giving the Governor Merle back that it would cause a truce.  He doesn’t realize that Phillip is not the type to deal on the up and up.  Hershel goes to talk to Merle, my guess is to figure him out.  He starts speaking of the bible to Merle who surprisingly knows the passage.  Merle tells him how the Governor returns he will kill him first, then Michonne and Daryl and everyone else leaving Rick for last so he can watch his entire family die.  I think Herschel is seeing just how bad he is.

Phillip is trying to raise an army, to include every man woman and child.  Even a 14 year old boy with Asthma.  Andrea is def  seeing the light.

Carol is very glad that Daryl is back.  She’s telling him how Merle is just not good for him.  I really hope that Daryl see’s he loves her.  But, then again I kind of enjoy the sexual tension between them.

Andrea is enlisting the help of Melvin to get out of Woodbury so she can get to the prison to talk to the group.  We know she gets out so he must help her.  Phillip is not dealing well with the disfiguring of his face.  Milton went to Phillip and told him that she wants to go back to the prison.

Okay, we have Milton and Andrea dismembering a walker, she’s taking Michonne’s idea and making them her pet.  I will say the scene where she was cutting his arms off, you could tell it was fake!  SEE.. SEE.. I told you how it was going to be.. Tyrese is back.  He killed a walker coming up on Andrea.

Glenn is trying to talk to Michonne and make it water under the bridge.  The sad thing is I think Merle would throw them all under the bus in a heartbeat.  I hope I’m wrong on this one but I don’t see him being a good guy.

Milton offers to take the group to the town.  Andrea heads to the prison with her pet.

Carl is the first to see Andrea but he doesn’t realize it’s her.  He alerts Maggie who aims a gun and see’s it’s her.  Andrea has always been a bad ass at taking on the walkers.. just stupid in the decisions she makes.  The team comes out to get to her, and pats her down, guns trained on her.  They are not taking any chances with her.  Once they see she is alone the others come out to see her.  Rick brings her insde where everyone comes and hugs her.  Carol tells her they thought she was dead.  She asks about Shane, and then Lorri.  Herschel tells her that Lorri had a girl but didn’t survive.  She tells Rick that she’s not enemy when he won’t let her in the cell block.  Rick tells her what really happened.  She’s trying to bring everyone together but Rick tells her flat out there is nothing to work out, that they are going to kill him.  Merle tells her she knows better then them being able to go to Woodbury.  Daryl tells her the next time she see’s Phillip, he’s going to take his other eye.  She’s telling them that he has a whole town against them.  Rick tells her if she won’t help them get in the town they have nothing to talk about and leaves.

I really hope they don’t drag out this story line forever.  I’m actually kinda ready for the town and the Governor to be over already.

Michonne and Andrea go outside.  She tells Michonne that she poisoned them.  She’s telling Michonne that she’s trying to save the group.  Michonne tells her that he sent Merle to kill her, that he would have killed her too if she would have came with her.  She tells her that’s why she went back to Woodbury, to expose who he really was.  She knew it would hurt her but it had to be done.  Andrea is left there crying.

Phillip is welcoming Tyrese and his gang to the town.  He tells them that they were attacked by some bad people out there.  Phillip tells them to avoid a certain road but they said they just came from there.  They said they’d been that way and ran into a whack job at the prison.  that the group seemed nice but then Rick came and put a gun on them and told them to leave.  Phillip and Milton start to talk to them about the prison.  Hopefully they will see through him quickly.

Andrea come ups the stairs to meet Lil Asskicker, Judith.  When Carol tells her the name Andrea says “Let me guess, Daryl named her”  Carol is telling Andrea what happened to everyone, and how he killed Shane. Andrea tells her that Rick has become cold.  Carol flat out tells her that she needs to sleep with Phillip, give him the greatest night of his life and while his guard is down she could end it all.  Go Carol!  When Andrea is leaving Rick gives her a gun and tells her to be careful.  She see’s them all in her review mirror.  Hopefully her conscious will wreak havoc on her.

Andrea comes back to the town in the car the group gave her.  She pulls up to the people on the wall holding guns to her.  She goes in to see Phillip and tells him that she went to the prison and that Michonne and Merle are there.  She’s telling him that she came back on her own, he asks why and she can’t talk.  He says “because you belong here” and she agree’s with him.

The group at the prison are just sitting around.  Beth starts singing a song (yay I remembered her name this time)!  Rick is holding the baby, which is really nice to see for once.  There is something about a man holding a baby.. just melts the heart.  Rick tells them he is going on a run tomorrow, and that he’s glad Daryl is back.  Daryl says he’ll go with him but he tells him no, stay and watch his brother.  That he’ll take Michonne and Carl, that Carl is ready.  Looks like Rick is back.   I don’t think he’s done seeing Lorri.

Andrea is in bed with Phillip but of course doesn’t kill him. we almost see her ass.. and from what we see it’s very nice.  She takes a knife over to the bed but can’t kill him.  Fact is, I think she loves him.  Why wouldn’t she?  She loves a man in charge and he’s the biggest fish around.. for now


Next week looks awesome!



The Walking Dead Review

The long awaited return of the BEST SHOW EVER!!!

images (3)

I know how you have all missed my reviews… I’ve missed writing them.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed watching it.

It starts out brother against brother… Daryl vs Merle… Andrea tries to step in and help but Phillip says it’s too late, the people have spoken!  Merle starts out by beating the hell out of Daryl but when Darryl confronts him and asks if he believes the asshole will let him leave Merle tells him to follow his lead.  Together they go against the walkers that are brought in to bite them.  Suddenly shots ring out from a distance taking the zombies out.  Team Rick is there, trying to save them.  A small boy is killed in the chaos and Andrea picks up the boys gun.    Phillip walks through the smoke completely emotionless.  Hmmmm

They all get out and follow Darryl out of the fence around the city.  There are walkers everywhere, however they left the gate open to the city and a walker see’s it.  Morning comes with Michonne and Glen waiting.  Michonne and Glen have guns pointed Merle and they are trying to kill him.  Merle tells them that Andrea is there in the city getting the wood laid real good by the Governor.  Merle calls them a bunch of pussies and Rick knocks him out with the butt of his gun and calls him an asshole.  LOVE IT.

At the prison Hershel is doctoring one of the new gangs legs.  They are discussing the baby and asks where the mother is, everyone gets quiet.  They are discussing how they’ve survived for so long.  Hershel tells Tyrese to not get too comfortable here, that they are a tight knit group.

They are back to Rick and the gang.  They are discussing Merle and Michonne.  They are telling Daryl that he is blood and family to them but Merle is not.  Darryl tells them that he will leave if Merle can’t stay.  Rick tells him there has to be another way, Darryl tells him to not ask him to leave Merle.  They leave into the woods but I think he’ll be back.  Rick tells Michonne they will atch her up and she is gone.

Back to the prison where they are taking that new groups dead woman outside to bury her.  The one guy is trying to talk the rest into stealing the gun from Carl and Carol.  Tyrese is telling them this isn’t what they do.

when Rick and them are on their way back to the prison they come up on a truck in the road w/ a tree knocked over.  Glen opens the door and there’s a walker in the truck.  He pulls it out and stomps the walker to death.  Glen is confronting Rick about not killing Merle.  Glen is very angry that Rick didn’t kill him knowing what Merle did to Maggie, and he’s very upset that Darryl left.    Maggie says they can talk about it after they rest but Glen says he’s done talking.

Back to the city, it’s chaos as people are trying to get out.  They are blowing their horns and screaming to let them out.  Andrea steps in and tries to calm everyone down.  She goes face to face with a henchmen.  Screams erupt from the back side of the town where there are walkers biting and killing some of the towns people.  One of the women in the city is asking for someone to help him, that’s when Phillip comes out and puts a bullet in the guys head then turns and walks away, leaving everyone stunned.

Back at the prison, Carol and Carl are standing outside talking.  Carl mentions it’s quiet and Carol starts talking about how noisey the world used to be.  Kinda makes you think how much we would miss if this ever truly happened.  They start talking about Lorri and Carol says his mama was so proud of him, and he said of what “How mean I use to be to her?”….   Carol see’s Darryl is gone and asks where he is.  Rick tells her that he’s alright that they ran into Merle and they left.  You can see she’s truly upset.  You feel sorry for Carol, she’s lost everyone and she really loves Darryl.  I still say Darryl will be back.

Back to the city, Andrea follows Phillip into his apartment.  She’s getting on to him about shooting the guy and walking away, that he needs to talk to them.  He’s not going to talk to them, he says it’s over.  He’s telling Andrea about Glen and Maggie now after she asks about why Darryl was here.  When she asks about her friends being there and he tells her how her “friends” shot and killed 8 good people.  Now he’s telling her she is just a visitor here, just passing through, that’s why he didn’t tell her anything.  She tells him not to push her out.

Back to the prison.  Herschel and Rick are talking.  Ricks telling him about what happened in the city with Merle and Darryl.  Herschel tells Rick about the new people.  I must say.. Rick looks good!!!  Damn Good….he walks through the prison and goes right past the new group into their wing.   He goes and picks up the baby who starts crying.  I think he’s thinking it’s Shane’s baby.

Back to the city.  The dr is telling them how the biters have been taking care of and the fences are repaired.  The people are not calming down.  Andrea tells them how they’ve all suffered and how it’s never going to be the same again, ever.   She tells them that they dig deep and work together and rebuild.  How they will write about Woodbury in the history books.  She’s manged to calm everyone down.

Back to the prison.  Carol and the girl.. I can never remember her name, is talking about the baby and Darryl.  Carol is telling her how men like Merle get into your head and make you feel like you deserve the abuse.  True words.  She tells Carol that she’s pissed at Darryl for leaving but Carol tells her not to be.. that men like Darryl have a code, then lays the baby into a mail bin with “lil asskicker” written on the side of it.  Herschel is cleaning up Glen when Maggie walks up and looks at him.  She walks away and Herschel asks if they are alright.  Herschel thanks him for looking out for her and says he’s going to go check on her, then tells him that Glen is like his own son.  He goes down to Maggie to check her out.  She asks if Glen is alright and he tells her to go see.  She doesn’t move so he sits down beside her.  He asks her what happened.  He’s telling her how she reminds him of her mother.  He tells her “don’t disappear on him”.

Glen will be on the Talking Dead tonight following the episode.  The fact that Lorri has YET to be on that show still tells me she’s coming back as a walker.  Her time is not done yet.

Back to the prison, Michonne is out hard.  Herschel is telling Rick it will be a few days before she can leave.  Carol is talking to  the other prisoner about Oscar.  Rick tells him they he went out fighting.  They are discussing how the governor is coming and they are out numbered.  The group goes into the other room to talk to the new people, Tyrese, Sascha, Alec and Ben.  Rick asks him how they got in and Carl tells him he helped them there.  Tyrese is telling Rick that they will help, do anything.  Rick keeps telling them no.  Rick tells them they’ve been through this before and look how it turned out.  He tells them he can’t be responsible and Tyrese tells him if you turn them out he will be responsible.  Herschel is telling Rick that he is wrong, that he has to give them a chance.  Rick see’s that he is out numbered in the faces of everyone.  Then he see’s Lorri standing in the window in a white dress!!!!  I told you all her character wasn’t done.  Nobody listens to me!!!  He’s asking her why is she there, what does she want from him.  He’s screaming at her to get out.  Everyone is leaving.  They aren’t sure what’s going on with him.  I LOVE being right!

All in all it was a good episode.  No jaw dropping but still good.  I can’t wait til the next one but I know the season is going to end soon!!!


Good morning my fellow bloggers… How are you this morning? Good.. ready for the end of the world tomorrow??? Yeah, me either..oh well.

So I figured today I would write and talk to you about the joy , um hell, no that’s not the right word either.. NIGHTMARE.. yes that will do, nightmare of living with someone who truly 100% wants the Zombie Apocalypse to start.

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously!  My husband, (if you don’t know him you should go read his Zombie Diaries at )  truly wants the Zombies to walk the Earth.  He loves Zombies.  He owns every Zombie movie made, he watches every Zombie movie/TV Show there is, yeah I watch them with him but that doesn’t mean I want it to happen, and owns a crap-load of Zombie books.  He even verbally raped my ears by forcing me to let him read me the first book in a series called the Zombie Fallout Series, (Mark Tufo is the author and he’s awesome.. I love his writing style, sarcastic like me.. check out his site too )

Zombie Fallout

Now luckily for him I enjoyed the book.  In fact I enjoyed it so much I read the next 4 in the series.  I’m currently holding off reading the latest one simply because my son has now read the series and wants to read this one, which would be okay but he refuses to do his homework and only wants to read and we’ve told him he can’t read this one until I do.  (I figured I’d let him read it over the Christmas break) I know, I’m mean.. so!

I try to understand the appeal of this impending doom happening.  I mean there are some bright sides to it.  I could finally go take a baseball bat to a couple of people that up until that point I will have held off the urge to do so.  Bitchzilla, oh yeah.. and if she hadn’t been bit yet.. I’d pull a Shane and shoot her ass in the knee so she could hold off the other Zombies while I escaped!  The ex.. oh how I would take my time on that one.. BAM.. this is for hitting me.. BAM.. this is for hitting our son.. BAM this is because your a lousy fuck.. ya know.. take out the 13 years of abuse on him.  See, I have thought about the “what if”.. HA, and y’all probably thought I wouldn’t get the what if in this blog!  I ALWAYS get the what if in.

Zombie trash the dress session with Orlando ph...

Zombie trash the dress session with Orlando photographer RIch Johnson (Photo credit: ~Rich Johnson~)

Now beyond that, absolutely nothing else appeals to me about this virus.  I mean if you think about it, EVERYONE you know is either dead, or living in fear of being eaten.  How is that a way to live?  Children have no childhood, I mean look at poor Carl in the Walking Dead, he had to witness his mother be given a C-Section with no Epidural or drugs of any kind, then he had to shoot her in the head so she wouldn’t change into one.  Poor guy, I cried for him that night.. SHUT UP, I KNOW IT WAS A TV SHOW.. but I could imagine that for real and it made me cry.  Another thing, the stench of death and decay everywhere you go.  Dead rotting bodies everywhere.  There are approximately 7 Billion people in this world.. that’s a lot of bodies laying around half eaten, decomposing or not laying around but walking around trying to eat you!  Then there is the living with the knowledge that every single person/animal on the planet is infected and that when you died.. you will come back and be one of those stinky fucks.  Do you want to live in a world where you have to have your children/loved one’s put a bullet in your head to keep you from turning?  How traumatic is that?  Why does anyone want to live like that?  I have no clue.  I’m terrified of it.  If it happens, I will probably take my own life and my kids just so we wouldn’t have to live like that.  My husband, God love his delusional soul, tells me he would protect us.  Great.. glad you think you can baby but lets see here.. you can’t walk down stairs without tremendous pain in your knee, you can’t run because of said knee.  You can’t walk up the 3 flights of stairs where we live without huffing and puffing so umm baby.. how are you going to out run a mob of hungry dead people?  Plus.. and here’s the biggie.. WE OWN NO GUNS.. AND ONLY 1 BASEBALL BAT!  No bow and arrows.. just some small kitchen knives.

So thank you anyways but no thank you.  I would prefer to not ever bear witness to the great Zombie Apocalypse.  I want no part of that life.  And I swear to God Robert!!!!  If it ever does happen.. I am truly blaming you.. it will be all your fault for wishing/dreaming/hoping and praying for it to happen!  Y’all really have no idea how hard it is living with someone who gets excited for this to happen.  He has our youngest daughter scared it’s going to happen, she’s even had nightmares about it. THANKS ALOT DAD!  Ugh!

Mid-Season Finale of the Walking Dead Review

I can’t believe it’s already time for the mid-season finale tonight.  It looks so good, I can’t wait to see… Wait, I do’ thave too.. it’s starting now!!!!


Waking the Dead (TV series)

Waking the Dead (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We start with a walking walking through the woods towards loud screams (okay I’ll admit it.. at first I thought it was here in my apartment  Not sure who this guy is but he’s pretty good with the ax.  His name is Maurice, and there is a new group of people… Interesting developement here.   The girl goes down, she’s toast.  Maurice said he saw a tower and they are heading towards it.  They are talking about leaving the woman who was bit behind.  The walk up into the prison on the back side.  I’m guessing she is the one that Carl says leave her in the previews..

Like clockwork.. 9:04 commercial..

We came back to Phillip and Andrea but I was talking to my son so I missed what he said to her.  He’s now calling Penny out.. He’s got her chained up and now he’s singing to her.  He desperately trying to get her to be somewhat human in her responses.

Maggie and Glen are still in the room.  she’s telling him that he didn’t sexually assault her.  Glen got up and went to the dead walker and ripped his arm off.. there’s the gore for the night.. noise and all…ewwww… He handed Maggie the bone from the arm for a weapon..

Merle and Phillip are discussing what they are going to do at the prison.. show up waving a white flag then let the walkers invade the prison again.  #teamprison is in the room where she was originally “questioned” but they aren’t there.  they discussed splitting up when a guy walked in from outside.  Rick is questioning him about where his people are but he said he didn’t know.  They zipped tied him up and knocked him out.

Andrew and Beth are discussing the baby and how good she is with her.. he asked how old she was and she said 17, he said “how interesting”…. Carol stepped in and told him to stay away.. he told her “there weren’t alot of women and Maggie is with Glen and your a lesbian”… hahahahaha

Glen and Maggie made a break for it, she stabbed a guy in the throat, Glen and Merle are fighting Now Maggie’s got a gun on Merle but sadly his goons came in behind them.

And now a special peek at “A Hobbit“… I wanna see this movie but I wanna wait til I can see it at home.. I’m sure it’s 3 hours long..

We’re back to Rick and them walking up to where Glen and Maggie are.  Merle has them on their knee’s and putting bags over their heads.  They throw smoke bombs in, they get their people and they are off.  Andrea says she’s going to go where the shots are fired from but Phillip says no.  They found the guy that was knocked out, Phillip is telling everyone to go home and lock their doors.  He’s telling his goons to shoot to kill, take no prisoners.  Michonne left the group, Rick said she was on her own.  Glen is telling Darryl that it was Merle who did this and that they told them where the prison was.  Darryl is saying he needs to see Merle but Rick is telling him no.  They are in hostile territory and that right now  is not the right time to talk to him.

The Dr. is asking questions, but Merle said they killed the guy.  They are withholding information from Andrea and the Dr.  Andrea is still asking to help but he is not letting her.  This should make her question him, but we know it’s not going too.  Michonne is back in his apartment.  She wants to know what’s in that closet I do believe.  Darryl agree’d to help so now they are throwing out smoke bombs into the streets.  Rick takes out the guards, Andrea is heading over to the gunfight.  You gotta hand it to her, she is brave and a fighter.  Phillip comes out and see’s her and goes up to her.  She tells him she saw them.  She tells him she saw a young black guy with a prison uniform on.  He tells her to get off the street.  Darryl tells them he is going to lay down some cover fire for them to escape.    Rick see’s a guy that he thinks looks like Shane who is trying to shoot them.  The guy takes down the black prisoner then Rick takes him down and see’s its not him.  Maggie is screaming at Rick to c’mon then she shoots the Otis in the head.


We are back at the prison.  They are discussing Judith and the formula.  Carl is talking like Rick is dead.  They heard a scream and discussed it was from inside.  Carl said he was going to check it out, Hershel said no but Carl said “My father would go”.. so he went.

You can hear the woman screaming when he walked up into the corridor where he had to kill his mother.  A walker came up on him and he shot him.  He came into the room where they were and the walkers and he shot one and told the people to come on.  I was right, he told them to leave her but they said noway.

Michonne is still in her chair waiting at the door when she hears the noise from the room.  She busts the door open to find the aquariums full of heads.  Her face is in complete disbelieve.  She recognized the one guards head.  Now she hears the little girl.  She thinks it’s a regular little girl, tells her she’s not going to hurt her.  She’s taking the bag off her head and is about to cut her head off when Phillip comes in and screams no.. don’t hurt her.  Hes putting his gun up trying to convince her not to kill the girl.  He says don’t hurt my little girl, but then she puts the sword through the girls head and out of her mouth.  WAY TO GO Michonne.  A fight is ensuing, she’s kicking ass as much as he is. EWWWWWW He slammed her face into one of the aquariums and then she see’s the heads are still alive.  He tries to push her into the head that’s still chomping. Michonne can’t die yet, she was too hyped up for this season.. OH HELL YES.. she stabbed him in the eye!!!!!  She was about to kill him when Andrea came in.  they are weapon to weapon.  Michonne lowers her weapon first and turns to walk away.   Andrea tried to help Phillip up but he crawled away, that’s when she saw all the heads.  Now she’s see’s him holding the child and crying with the glass sticking out of his eye and crying.


Carl get’s the people back t the group.  The woman dies and Carl says “I’ll take care of it” and puts a gun to her head.  Tyrese tells him they take care of their own.  they put a rag over her head and starts to bash her head in when they hear the cell door close and realize that Carl locked them in.  He tells them they are safe and have food and water.  The chick starts to freak out but Tyrese tells her to back away and let the man leave.  He tells her this is the best they’ve had in weeks.  Beth asks if they should help them, Carl tells him they did.

There is a dr checking out Phillip who says it doesn’t look good.  Andrea sent her away and starts asking why he was fighting Michonne and what’s the deal with the heads.  He says to prepare for the horrors outside.  She asked about Penny but he didn’t answer.  The dr and Merle come in and he tells them he was attacked.  Merle says they made it over the wall and that he will go after them in the morning.

Rick and Maggie and Glen are on the other side of the fence waiting for Darryl.  Michone catches up to them and Rick puts agun to her head.  He asks where she was and takes her sword.  She’s telling Rick that she brought them here to save them and that he needs her.  Rick knows he does.

They are gathering in the town at the arena.  Phillip is coming out to speak to them.  He’s telling them that he thought they were past the days of being huddled up and scared, but that they felt that again tonight.  He said he failed them, that he promised to keep them safe but now look at him.  That he should tell them they will be okay that they are safe, but he can’t.  That he is afraid.  He’s referring to #teamprison as terrorist.  He is telling them that one of the terrorist is one of their own, he signaled out Merle, that he lead them there and let them in.  He brings in Darryl and says he is one of the terrorist.  Andrea is staring at him.  Merle and Darryl are in the ring and the people are screaming kill them.  I know they are not going to kill either of these guys off.  I think whats going to happen is Darryl and Merle are going to escape and become and ally against the Governor.


the previews show that they’ve escaped and that the Governor is questioning Andrea’s loyalties.  I can’t wait!


The Walking Dead Review for 11/25/2012

Yay.. it’s time

It opens up with Glen in a chair and Merle interrogating him.  He’s telling Glen that he is an asshole because he raised his gun to him, and that he was an asshole in Atlanta for leaving him on the roof.  Glen just informed him that T-Dog didn’t make it, he replied “I hope he went slow”.   Glen is refusing to tell him where the group is, Merle is using Maggie as a way to get him to talk, Maggie meanwhile can hear everything they are saying.  Glen just head butted Merle, after he held a knife up to him of course.  Now Merle is head butting, punching and kicking him, Maggie is crying.

4 Minutes in.. Commercial

We come back to the prison, walkers and Michonne standing outside the fence.  Rick is staring her down, the walkers smell her blood.  Carl has come up to the fence, he’s asked Rick if they can help her.  She is starting to black out as she’s killing walkers.  Carl shoot’s  two of them, Rick opens the gate and starts taking out walkers, Carl runs and gets the formula.  The determine that she’s not bit, but rather shot and take her inside.    Rick wakes her up and asks who she is.  He tells her “We aren’t going to hurt you unless you try something stupid first” after she tries to grab her sword.  Daryl comes in and tells them they will want to see this and tells them to come in and see this.  Rick tells Michonne she will be safe and they can treat her, but they took her sword from her.  They come around the corner to see Carol.  Rick hugs her saying “Thank God”.  Everyone is hugging her, she see’s the baby then realizes that Lorrie didn’t make it.  Carl is crying now too.  Michonne is watching them through the bars.

Back to the town, and Phillip is answering the door.  The dr tells him that Mr. Coleman is ready, he tells him he will be there in a minute.

Back to the prison.  Rick tells Michonne they can tend to her wound, give her food and send her on their way.  They want to know how she knew about them and why she had formula.  She tells them about seeing Glen and Maggie and that they were taken.  After a scuffle she starts to tell them about Woodbury and the governor.  She tells them they could get in.

Back to Merle.  He’s beaten Glen pretty badly.  Merle is asking questions but Glen is not answering.  Glen just told them there were too many for him to take on, he said they had been on the road, Rick, Dale, Shane, Andrea…. the last gave it away to Merle that he was lying.

We come back to Hershel sewing up Michonne’s leg and Carl standing guard.  The group is discussing Michonne and getting Maggie and Glen back.  Daryl, the two prisoners, Rick and Beth are going to get them. Rick tells Carl “what you did for me” and Carl interrupted with ” i had too” Rick says “I know and I’m sorry, no one should have too” then Carl interrupts again and asks ” how long will you be gone?’  Rick replied ” if something happens get everyone in the cells and locked away safe.  take care of your sister”.  Carl tells him Daryl’s been calling her Asskicker.  He’s telling Rick that he want’s to call the girl Judith (after his 3rd grade teacher).  I loved that Rick giggled at Asskicker.

Back at Woodbury, Phillip takes Andrea in to this room where old time music is playing and the Dr. is feeding an older gentleman ie Mr. Coleman.  He introduces him to Andrea.  He tells the man “Thank you for doing this, your doing us a great service”.  Andrea starts to ask what they are doing and the dr cuts in and tells her to cue up the first song on the record.  Its almost as if he is doing a chant.  The dr’s name is Milton.  He is asking questions and showing pictures to the man and told him to raise his right hand if what he is asking is true.  Mr. Coleman asked to keep the music playing while they wait.  We get back to Glen where Merle brings in a walker telling Glen “This is how I felt fighting my way off”.. OMG.. he just left the walker in the room w/ Glen taped to the chair.  I swear t go if anything happens to Glen I will kill Merle!  Glen is fighting hard.  He’s trying to break the chair.  Oh good, he broke the chair and killed the walker!  YES.. I don’t have to go to GA and kill Merle off…lol

Back to Woodbury.  Milton is telling Andrea that when Mr. Coleman comes back they are going to try to see if he has any memories of the same questions he just asked.  They’ve been going over these questions with him.  Andrea is telling him there is no unconscious mind when they turn.  He is telling Andrea how he is an only child and hasn’t seen anyone turn.  Mr. Coleman is now dead and they are restraining him to the bed.  Let the show begin.  Merle is telling Phillip about Glen and Maggie and how they know Andrea.  Phillip is going to go talk to Maggie, I think he doesn’t trust Merle to be persuasive to her.  He walks in just staring at her.   He cuts the tape off her hands and asks if he can sit down.   He is telling her that he’ll take them back to their people and explain it’s all a big misunderstanding.  She says she wants to talk to Glen but he says he can’t do that, that her people are dangerous, that they handcuffed a man to a roof and made him amputate his own hand.  He’s telling her to stand up, at first she doesn’t then she does.  He tells her to take off her shirt, she says no.  He says “Take off your shirt our I’ll bring Glen’s hand in here”, so she takes off her shirt.  He’s making her take all her clothes off.   He’s taking his belt off and walking over to her.  He’s standing beside her, touching her hair, sniffing her hair.  He slams her head to the table.  She tells him to do whatever he wants to do and to go to hell.  He steps away from her.  She was not fighting him so he didn’t want to finish it.

Now we are in the car with the #teamprison.  Michonne is with them.  She tells them they have  patrols and they would be better off on foot, that it is about a mile or two.  They are walking through the woods and Rick is telling Daryl thank you for doing what he did for him and the baby while he was working things out, Daryl said “that’s what we do”.  Walkers are everywhere, they are surrounded.  They take cover in some building that has a horrendous smell.  the building is surrounded by walkers.   They find a live man in a bed who is screaming at them to leave.  This man must be clueless because he says he’s going to call the cops, Rick tells him he is a cop and pretends t go for his badge and pulls the gun from him.  the guy bites him and heads for the door, Michonne kills him.  They toss the man out the door to manage a way to escape from the walkers  There’s the gore scene!

Back to Mr. Coleman.  They are waiting for him to turn.  It’s starting.  Milton does the bowl thing again and is going through the same thing.  He’s asking the questions and showing the pictures and playing the music.  He wants the restraints off but Andrea said no.  She told him as soon as they take them off he will lunge, Milton said that’s what your here for and undid one side and of course he lunged.  Andrea stabbed him in the head.  Now they’ve brought a half naked Maggie into the room with Glen, they’ve put a gun to Glen’s head and Maggie is talking.  Phillip is “consoling” Maggie but she’s pulled away.  He pushed her to Glen.  They are discussing the group now and whether or not Maggie was lying.  It’s going to end with #teamprison coming up on the town.  Phillip is questioning where Merle’s loyalties lie knowing his brother is out there.  They are sending a team to the prison to check out Maggie’s story.  Andrea comes back to Phillip and he says “You kept your word, that you’d be back”.   she tells him that Mr. Coleman died and that Milton didn’t find what he was looking for.  He tells her everything will be ok.

Next week’s episode is the mid-season finale.

The Walking Dead Review 11/18/2012


Tonight we find out who is calling Rick!  I’m so excited….

It starts…NOW!!!!

It opens up with Merle’s group out on a hunt.  He’s come up on a mess of body parts in the woods.  The body parts spell out Go Back, that’s pretty cool.  One of the group with Merle is not very sure of being out there.  Merle can’t pronounce his name so he calls him Neil.   Michonne jumped out of the woods and killed 2 of them, however Merle clipped her in the leg with a bullet.  She got away.

Commercial 3 minutes in!

Geico “You should go Vegan Carl”..hahaha

Okay.. we are back at the prison.  Rick answered the phone.  It’s some woman who said they’ve been calling forever.  She said she can’t tell him where they are.  He’s telling her that he has a son and a newborn baby, trying to find out where she is so they can join.  He’s crying and begging her.  She said she’d call back in 2 hours.  He’s back in the group now, cleaned up.  Said he cleaned out the broiler room and wanted to check on Carl.  I’m thinking he’s dreaming it all.  Everyone is clean.

Back to the woods.  Neil is freaking out.  Merle is yelling at him to pull it together.  He told him taht Michonne is hit and to get on her trail.  Now to Phillip and Andrea.  She’s talking to him about the town and how it’s ran.  She’s telling him about how she didn’t like the Zombie fights.  She’s telling him she wants to pitch in.

Back to Rick.  He’s back at the phone and clean again.  I’m still not convinced that he’s not imagining it.  It may be the town too.  This might be how they tie it all in together.  Some man is asking him how many people Rick has killed.  He’s told him 4.  Now the guy is asking how he lost Lorrie.  He won’t talk about it.  The guy hung up.  Now he’s screaming.  He’s really lost it.

Commercial agian at 13 mins in..

Back in the town.  There’s a woman teaching Andrea how to shoot a bow. She just told Andrea that she killed her dad for the bow that she has now.  Andrea told her how she had to kill her sister, Amy.  A walker came up and she shot and missed him.  She shot again and missed again.. Andrea jumped the wall and took out the walker with her knife.  The woman is yelling at her that this isn’t a game.

Back to the prison.  Hershel is now down where Rick is.  Poor stumpy… what, too soon?  He’s talking about how he still feels his leg and that he’s wiggling his toe’s at that moment.  He’s told Rick that he saved his life and now he’s telling him that Lorrie was sorry for the things that happened.  That she wanted to tell him, that he carried them.  Rick is telling Hershel that he got a call.  Hershel picked it up, there is no dial tone.  Hershel said he’d sit there with him, but Rick told him no.

Commercial again..

Back in the woods.  They are still hunting Michonne.  They found her!  After fighting they became surrounded with Walkers.  Michonne cut one open and all the entrails fell out on her!  There was the gore for the show.

Back in the prison.  Darryl and the prisoner (His name escapes me) are walking through the halls with Carl.  The prisoner went off on his own.  Bet he dies.  Darryl is telling a story about his mom being a smoker and wine drinking.  Telling a story about sirens coming and how Merle left him because they were on bikes and he wasn’t.  When he got there his house was burnt down to nothing, his mom died in the fire.  She started the fire from smoking in her bed.  Carl is telling him how he shot his mom, she was out but hadn’t turned yet.  He ended it for her.  Darryl is turning out to be a really good guy.. I hope Merle doesn’t change him.

Back to the town and Phillip writing in his book.  He called for Andrea. Phillip told her she couldn’t be on the wall again.  She told him she liked the fights.  She didn’t like that she liked them, he told her he knew.  Now he’s telling her that he knows she likes him.  Of course she does, he’s got power.  Back in the woods.  Merle is telling Neil they are going back to town, tell the Governor that they killed her.  Now Neil is wanting to stay looking for her, that he’s not going to lie.. So of course Merle is going to kill him.  And there he went and shot him in the head.

Commercial again

Back to the woods and Michonne.. She is hurt and bloody and Walkers are going by her without stopping.  She’s realized it’s cause she’s covered in guts.

Back to the prison.  The woman called.  She called him Rick, he’s realized that he never said his name.

Back to Michonne.  She’s in some town and limping.  Someone has pulled up.. Oh it’s Maggie and Glen.  She’s watching them from a distance.  Maggie and Glen are going in a store, he opened the door to have birds fly out at him.

Back to the town.  Phillip and Andrea are talking about his past.  They are in some garden and drinking.  He’s telling her that he wasn’t proud of his house or car or dog.  He’s telling her he wants to forget the good and bad times from the past, that he wants to be right here right now.    He’s telling her she doesn’t have to be ashamed for liking the fight or fighting the fight.. that he loves it.  He’s playing on her emotions, big time.  She’s giving him the “come and get me” eyes.  And here comes the kiss.

Back to Maggie and Glen.  They got alot of formula for the baby.  And here comes Merle!  AND SO THEY MEET UP.  Glen recognized him, Maggie won’t take her gun off of him.  He just asked about Darryl.  Glen told him Darryl is alive.  Merle said if they take him to his brother he’ll call the slate clean.  Glen is telling him that they will tell Darryl that he is there.    Merle took a shot at him and got Maggie by the neck.  He’s taking them to the town… DAMMIT… I think Michonne heard them say prison.  I bet she takes the formula to the prison and tells them what’s happened and warns them of the town.

Commercial again..grrrr

Back in the prison.  The prisoner is still alive for the moment.  They killed a walker.  Darryl took the knife out and realized it was Carol’s knife.  The phone is ringing again.  He answered it asking how they know his name.  He knows them.  She said it was Amy, Jim, Jackie.  It’s a phone to Heaven.  He’s talking to Lorrie now.  THAT’S A SURPRISE TWIST.  I mean I knew it wasn’t real people, but I didn’t know it would be people from his past.  He’s telling her how he was going to keep them all alive, that he loved, no loves her but couldn’t put it back together.  She’s telling him to listen to her, that he has their baby and carl.  that she loves him.  My husband believes that Lorrie hasn’t been on the Talking DEad yet because of this call tonight..

Back to the town.  Andrea and Phillip are in bed together.  Merle is telling Phillip that they lost all the guys.  He told him that he got her too.  Phillip asked if they had Michonne’s head, he told him that they got caught up in a group of biters.  Now he’s telling him about Glen and Maggie.  He went back in and told Andrea everything was fine.

Back to the prison.  Rick is back in with the group.  He’s seeing the baby for the first time.  He’s holding her now.  Darryl is sitting in the hallway with Carol’s knife.  Something is trying to open this door that has a walker laying in front of it.  YAY.. SHE’S ALIVE.. WOOHOOO.    Darryl is carrying her out.  Rick told Carl that the baby looks like him.  Now he’s walking off to something he see’s.   It’s Michonne w/ the baby formula.. I knew that was happening..


So this is how they will tie all of them together.  I hope they don’t spend too long in the town.